Just me writing about me!

I have been wondering for a while on what to write about myself. I was even thinking if I should have an introduction section about me because, you know, I am just a no one. A corporate slave… uhhh… a Business Consultant well that sounds better huh! I love my job and all that. So anyway, I am very passionate about my country, state, and mother-tongue. A hardcore Madras iyer ponnu (girl), mind it, rescelaa. Now, why would anyone want to read my introduction? And then it hit me. This is my blog page and I will write whatever the hell I want to over here. And as usual, I have to stop overthinking.

With that decision and determination, here I go about me. If you like me too much, you can always be my friend. I love friends. I love friends who send me gifts and feed me amazing food. So if you absolutely love me, focus and start taking notes because I am going to go on and on about me.

My dad says we do everything for food. So, let’s start there. I am a confused foodie and by that I mean I love to eat but I am always stuck between staying fit and eating whatever I want to, but my metabolism doesn’t help me much so I stick to staying fit and shrink my tummy. But… I love to cook. An avid reader but I absolutely hate fairy tales and happy romantic stories where everything happens to everyone just the way they want it. Meh! Memoirs, autobiographies, books based on history, especially world war are some of my favourite genres. I love riding my bike around the city if scooty is considered a bike. I love driving in general. I love beaches.

I love gossips so if you want to bitch about someone, come to me, baby! I love reading the news and knowing what’s happening around me and then get agitated or depressed accordingly. I am a feminist, the type that thinks men and women are equal which means I do not ask for special treatment for women. Just let us be and we will let you be. Mess with us and we will murder you. I love men so I cannot even imagine hating them. What would the world come to if we do not have men? I go to a unisex gym so I find enough motivation to workout and I think that should explain how much I love men. So… and ummmm… I think and believe that I have a happy soul because I cannot be depressed about something for more than 2 days I get bored basically. I try to see the brighter side of life because sulking and ranting about the things that are not working out is just a waste of time and it’s not going to change your life. So, if you want to rant, you can imagine me quietly fading away, like in pixels and I would have vanished somewhere in between your rant. I am not the right person to listen to your rants unless you want someone to go all logical on you.

I started writing after my first break-up. If you are wondering, I have had more breakups than a celebrity could have, like, even more than Taylor Swift! I am so cool. You will know!

I learned about blogs and that people write and post their thoughts there and so I went on and posted my stuff that you can read if you take the pain to dig the archives a little bit. Writing helped me heal myself. It was the world I escaped into because reality hurt a bit too much then. I still find solace in writing. So here I am doing my thing, boring you with everything that comes to my mind. If you like what I write, please hit the follow button. If you do not like what I write, do the same and help me increase my followers list.

And as I have reached the age where I am totally eligible to pass on free advice, here’s one for you: Live, because life is too short to be bickering over the things that did not happen, regretting about the things that you could have done, crying over the person who left you. So, go out there, laugh, do what you love, well… find what you love first, make a list, drink alcohol, smoke weed, get laid, fall in love, stand up for yourself, marry the love of your life or not and make babies or not. Try everything under the sky but don’t get addicted. Do what you want to do and don’t let anyone and by saying that I mean even your parents tell you how you should live your life. It’s your life!

On that cheesy note, I would leave you alone and go do what I do best which is nothing.

Adios Amigos! Pssst.. don’t forget that “Follow” button. Just. Don’t. Forget.