The Voice

Everyday I spend my time… drinking wine…

‘Oh, Good lord! Are you singing that song from Gully boy?’

It’s not originally from Gully boy though. It’s by ASAP Rocky. Don’t you think Sher song was good too? I loved how that guy danced, very manly and muscular.

‘I am trying to sleep. We need to sleep’

Actually, we should try to find him on Insta and if it’s good we should follow him!

It’s effing 12 AM.

Also let’s checkout the Insta stories. 

‘No we are not going to do that. We are going to sleep’

*toss to my right and stares into the darkness*

The LED on this A/C is really bright. We might as well, turn on the lights.

‘I don’t care! Let’s sleep’

How can you not care? We had an option on Grandma’s A/C remote to turn off the LED. Do you remember seeing it?

*Toss to left*

uurrgghh! I can’t sleep.

Maybe we should read a book for a while

‘No. We are not doing that’

We should decide who our favourite character is on friends. I like Ross the best! Monica is really boring. Does she even eat?

*rolls eyes. Screams into the pillow*

Ross, it is. He is also very hot. Very under played character. Like Jaime Lannister on GoT. Do you think we will be able to commit to ten seasons for Friends.

‘I am going to cancel the Netflix subscription this month’

What? Wait! OK, anyway, let’s just Google if Rachel and Ross get married in the end.

*Sleeps and everything is quiet for a while*

*contended that sleep has finally won over the voice*

Now, why don’t we have an option to turn off the LED light on our A/C?

‘Argh! I really, really, hope that you go away and never disturb me forever!’

Next day

‘Why is this episode of Game of thrones so boring?’


‘What? Why would she do that?’


‘I think we should order food from outside. How about Biryani? You were craving for it for months!’


Phone beeps

Crush: Hey! Did you watch the latest episode of GoT?

‘Oh my God! He has texted me. I have to come up with something witty now. Help me!’


‘What is wrong with you today? Where did you go?


‘Maybe I should check what happens to Monica and Ross in the end’

Let’s also check about M.C. Sher from Gully boy while we are at it. Also, I have been thinking that we can commit to friends it’s also on hotstar. About the next book that you want to read…. Are we doing yoga today? We should also go to the gym..

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