Our Kind of Normal

‘Thank you so much for this, Ava! I missed doing it’ I said gratitude filling my heart.

‘I don’t know how you went on without this for ten years. Ten years!’ She exclaimed with her eyes wide open. ‘In your place, I would have gone absolutely mad!’ she opened the next bottle of wine and the cork popped out and fell on the table.

‘Well, I just wanted a break, you know, to see what happens if I stopped’ I shrugged and took another bite of the steak.

‘Well, you are an idiot!’ she scoffed and served another round of wine.

‘haah! You know I had the worst day of my life today’ I sighed feeling exhilarated and lightheaded due to the wine. ‘And I say that almost every single day’ I laughed at my own joke.

‘You need to unwind every now and then or the stress will get to you!’ she said lighting a cigarette.

‘Well, only until you called me…’ I continued ignoring her. ‘I knew my day was going to get better after that call. You are such a life saver’ I smiled at her tears filling my eyes. I couldn’t believe that I was ignoring her calls all these years. I couldn’t believe that I wanted to stay away from this woman, because of whom my life is about to change for good. Ava has always been accepting of my weirdness. We had been thick as thieves ever since we knew about each other’s secrets, until I moved out of the city. Ava was on her own. We lost touch because she was angry that I left her. She thought I had abandoned her. In a way, I did. A part of me did not like what we were or where our little adventures would lead us in life. I thought I can be different, like everyone else. I wanted to control my urges and live a normal and happy life. I didn’t want to hide from people. And so, I left.  I wanted to redeem myself and live a life that didn’t include Ava or her wild fantasies. So, our path diverged. But as years passed, I missed what we did. The rush, the happiness and the excitement of doing something that is forbidden. I realised that I cannot change who I am and if I don’t accept myself, nobody will. Besides, I missed her fiestiness that ignited a fire in me. I was so happy when she contacted me.

‘Always at your service, ma’am’ she took a bow. I learned that Ava had travelled across the country doing odd jobs and feeding her dreams in every way possible. She had changed her identity several times and maintained a journal on how she enacted her plans. I wish she’d let me read those.

‘You know, I couldn’t recognize you when I first saw you. With your red hair and the tattoos’ I said looking at her in admiration. She continued living our dream while I ducked and ran away like a coward.

‘Oh well, the trade demands it!’ she shrugged and smiled at me. Her eyes twinkled as they always did. ‘You should come with me when I leave town’

‘Oh Ava, how I wish I could!’ I sighed and held out my hand to her.

‘You are going to drive yourself mad. Are you still seeing that shrink?’ she asked.

‘No!’ I snorted ‘of course, not’

‘Thank God!’ she rolled her eyes.

‘Did you notice how her skull cracked?’ I asked sipping the wine from the coffee mug.

‘Oh! I loved the sound more than how it cracked’ she said playing with the olive in the margarita.

‘You know what I love?’ she asked playfully.

‘What?’ I asked eagerly. ‘I love to see the fear in their eyes and the way they beg for life. It’s the fact that we are in control, showing them that they are at our mercy’ her eyes shined in excitement and passion as she spoke. ‘I love that feeling of superiority and control. Playing the devil even if it’s only for a night!’

‘I know. I know’ I nodded. ‘The steak is so tender. I must say women always, always taste better’ I said as I munched on a piece of medium rare steak. ‘Oh! but I love the kinks when we know it’s a man. Don’t you agree?’ she winked.

‘I have to agree with that’ I laughed and prodded the tongue cooked in barbecue sauce and seasoned with oregano and parsley. ‘This looks delicious’ I inhaled the smell of blood soup from the bowl next to it. ‘Where did you pick this one?’ I asked curiously.

‘Oh! I picked her up at the bar. Poor thing thought that she’s going to have the time of the night’ she smirked.

‘Nicely done! What a time we had! I loved the treat, Ava. I love you’ I hugged her.

‘Welcome back, my darling’ she whispered in my ears.

‘I wonder how that shrink would taste though’ I wondered smiling at her.

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