The Trap!


You gave me purpose in life and I cannot let you go. I love you and I will protect you. But I cannot afford losing you. So here I am, making you consume controlled levels of poison as medicines. It’s for your own good.  That’s the only way I can protect you forever.



Everyone said, ‘Poor girl, How sad! She is always sick.’ But, no, I can’t complain. You gave me purpose in life. I know you will grow older and bigger one day. But, I cannot afford to lose you. I cannot let you out in the big bad world. My solemn duty is to protect you. In order, to keep up the promise I made you on the day you were born, I have to control the medicines you take. Medicines are not good either. But, I should also, give you enough to keep you going but also to keep you to myself.  No, I am not selfish. No, I am not cruel. I am just a mother, trying to protect her child.

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