Subramanian’s Household

Pari Chithy (Aunty), 12.09 PM :Hi all.

Vikas, 12.09 PM:Hi athai *grin*

Pari Chithy typing…

Pari chithy, 12.30 PM:I am glad to inform you all that my daughter has become a pushpavati. This happened on the most auspicious day of Diwali.

Vikas typing…

Kanna Perippa typing…

Ju mama typing…

Buvu mami typing…

Rakesh mama typing…

Jay mami typing…

Pratishta typing…

Ratnam mami typing…

Giri thatha typing…

Viji mama typing…

Vee typing…

Swati, 12.34 PM:I am sorry, she what?

Lalitha mami, 12.35 PM:Congratulations!! What a great news!

Arun, 12.40 PM:But why? Also, what has that got anything to do with Diwali?

Ju Mama, 12.41 PM:Congratulations Pari! I am very happy for you and your family!

Karan, 12.43 PM:Can someone please clarify what Pushpavati means?

Vineeth is typing…

Loki, 12.45 PM: I hope to God that it’s not a disease!

Unni mama is typing…

Swati, 12.46 PM:@Loki obviously not, you, duffer! They are congratulating her.

Pratishta sent you a message.

Pratishta, 12.47 PM:Dude! What the f*** does Pushpavati mean?

You, 12.48 PM:Good question! Been wondering for a while now.

Pratishta, 12.49 PM:Useless.

Cousins’ group popping out messages.

Swati sent you a message.

Vee sent you a message.

Ju mama sent you a message.

The phone finally gives up and announces “You have notifications”.

The closest cousins

Vikas, 12.55 PM:What do we reply to that?

Pratishta, 12.55 PM:So you know what that means?

You, 1.05 PM:Do you know whatever the f**k that means?

Pratishta, 1.06 PM:Where did he go? **thinking emoji**

Vikas, 1.15 PM:Does it matter? **shrugs**

Pratishta, 1.20 PM:What an idiot! **rolling eyes**

You, 1.20 PM:Let me check with amma.

Pratishta, 1.20 PM:Ask athai (My mom). **bulb**

Vikas, 1.22 PM:I was just about to suggest that. **grin**

Pratishta, 1.22 PM:No, you weren’t. You are probably just somewhere snogging that ugly looking gf of yours. **puke**

Vikas, 1.25 PM:Shut up! Why would I reply to your texts if I am doing that?

You,1.26 PM:**rolling eyes**

Pratishta, 1.30 PM:It’s amazing how you miss the point ALL the time. **facepalm**

Vikas, 1.32 PM:What point? You shut up!

You, 1.32 PM:**Rolling eyes** Do you ever use your brain?

Pratishta, 1.33 PM:Well, for starters, that she is ugly? **shrugs**

Vikas, 1.35 PM: Focus! Just find what it means. Ask Athai.

Subramanian household: Unread 50 Messages.

Opens mom’s chat.

You, 1.40 PM: Maaaaaa?

<blue tick>

Opens cousin’s chat. Ignore the 60 unread messages.

You,1.42 PM:I pinged mom.

Pratishta, 1.45 PM:Are you really going to bring her home to our family???? I cannot wait to see the drama. **dewy eyes**

Pratishta, 1.45 PM:You should try a Muslim. Christian is just too predictable.

You, 1.46 PM:No, I think Christian is OK too.

Pratishta, 1.46 PM:But the freaking out level would be more if she is a Muslim.

You, 1.47 PM:Let’s not forget about how she looks.

Vikas, 1.50 PM:She is not ugly. Stop being so shallow.

You, 1.51 PM:We live to be shallow and judge everyone.

Pratishta, 1.52 PM:I have been telling you that you need glasses.

Vikas, 1.53 PM:No, you are the one who need glasses.

You, 1.53 PM:Either way, we’ll never know because half her face is always behind her hair.

Pratishta, 1.54 PM:Exactly! How did she manage to do that on a running bike? Pri, did you see that video he uploaded on Insta?

You, 1.55 PM:No! Which one? And btw, Viku, would you just stop with all the cheesy captions? Makes me gag every single time!

<Vikas changed this group name to Chutiya cousins>

Pratishta, 1.56 PM:**countless gag emojis**. We can only handle her ugly face or the cheesy captions not both, yo! Have some mercy on us.

Vikas, 1.57 PM:Actually, I am going to block you both from my insta account. **angry**

Pratishta, 1.57 PM:Are you sure that we only have one account? Are you? Are you? **Devil’s emoji** thrice.

Vikas, 1.57 PM:Shut up! Did you ask athai or not?

You, 1.58 PM:She is ignoring me.

Pratishta, 1.58 PM:Vikku’s famous comeback punchline: Shut up! **snigger**

Pratishta, 2.09 PM:<<Link to a video from Vikas’s insta account>>

You, 2.12 PM:Dude, first find out what pushpavati means. Google about it or something.

Pratishta, 2.19 PM:Tried Google already, zilch! I mean, of course! Anyway, I am going to ask my dad.

Opens Subramanian Household

Buvi Mami, 12.45 PM:Proud of her! Many congratulations.

Kanna perippa, 12.54 PM:My best wishes to you and her. All the best to her.

Giri thatha, 12.56 PM:Congratulations to my pethi (Granddaughter). Very Happy for her.

Rajan mama, 12.58 PM:My best wishes to the beautiful one.

Ratna mami, 1.03 PM:Congratulations to her! Your next responsibility has begun now.

<Family members congratulating. Confused cousins asking what’s pushpavati>

Amma, 2.28 PM:Stop congratulating her like it’s an achievement. She’s just attained puberty. It’s evolution. At least explain the kids what pushpavati means! They are all so confused.

Karan, 2.32 PM:THANK YOU!

Swati, 2.33 PM:Huh? That’s all? Huh! **rolling eyes**



Amma, 2.40 PM:That’s what Pushpavati means. Don’t you have work to do?

You, 2.42 PM:uuh… No? Besides, I was curious?

Amma, 2.43 PM:If only you were this curious as a child!

You, 2.44 PM: Hey!!

Amma, 2.45 PM: Did you eat what I gave you for lunch? When are you coming home?

Pratishta on Swagger 2, snoger 1

Pratishta, 2.44 PM:So that’s what it means?

Pratishta, 2.45 PM:Our family kezhams (oldies) should really get their priorities straight!

Vikas, 3.00 PM:Last week, I announced these a**holes about my new job and no one cared. Bloody puberty and the whole family lost it!

Pratishta, 3.01 PM:Bloody puberty! Bwahahaha. I see what you did there!

Vikas, 3.02 PM:What did I do?

You, 3.03 PM:**ROFL**

Pratishta, 3.03 PM:**Facepalm** idiot!

Ju mama has messaged on Subramanian’s household.

Ju mama, 5.00 PM:@Amma, I am booking tickets to Bangalore to go visit Pari’s family. Sri and my family have planned to go so far. I am booking the tickets for you and Priya. Will Athimber (brother-in-law) be able to make it?

Vikas, 5.06 PM:Roadtrip! No tickets. Roadtrip! Roadtrip.

Pratishta, 5.09 PM:Nobody asked you.

Vikas, 5.10 PM:OH MY GOD! Why are you EVERYWHERE?

Pratishta, 5.11 PM:Because I am your family. **Shrugs**

Vineet, 5.11 PM:Count me in.

Swati, 5.11 PM:I am coming too!

Amma, 5.11 PM:He is also coming book tickets for three of us.

Buvi Mami, 5.12 PM:Book tickets for our family too.

Loki, 5.15 PM:@Buvi mami amma I am not coming.

Buvi mami is typing.

Kanna Perippa, 5.25 PM:Count my family in.

Pratishta sent Swagger 2, Snoger 1 a message.

Pratishta, 5.45 PM:I think we have a very weird family.

Vikas is typing.

Pratishta, 5.48 PM:@vikas Do tell your gf about how puberty is an achievement in our family, OK?

Vikas is typing.

You, 5.49 PM:Who cares? Now we are all going to Bangalore! **dancing man** @Vikassend it already!

Pratishta, 5.50 PM: Whoop! Let’s go see the pushpavati!! **car emoji**, **flight emoji**, **dancing man**

Vikas, 5.51 PM:@Pratishta SHUT UP!!


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