I dream

I dream of boots, snow and winter coats,

Of the hikes I can go on and the mountains I want to climb

Of the seashores I want to tread along

Of the bridges I can stop by and enjoy the view

Of all the books I am yet to read

Of the movies I am yet to see

Of the sleep-ins and cancelled plans

Of the best coffees and food in the world

To learn every weird culture

And speak all the languages that’s known to human kind

Of all the art galleries and Museum

Of city lights and Marsh lands

Of airports and goodbyes

Of the dead sea and the black sand

Of the I days would spend alone and the places I will travel

Of the tattoos I will get and the words I will write

Of the oceans I will swim and the sunsets I will watch

Of the milky ways and northern lights

Of constellations and full moon

Of deserts and highland

Of all the places I will lay my tent and walk in the wilderness

Of all mountain cliffs and seagulls

Of bone-chilling cold and dehydrating heat

Of sore legs and bruises from treks

Of messy hair and sunburns

Of words that I love adorning my skin

Of hope and belief, of freedom and a borderless world

Of future and the stories, I will tell

Of life and my adventures

Of making these dreams come true in this lifetime

Of breaking free and of being a nomad

of a life that has no rules and demands

A life where I only have to go to a place and never return home

A life where home is where I am.



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