This could have been love!

Walking along the beach I realize how much I miss you

A stranger whom I never got to know

A stranger who stole my heart

An unknown soul I connected with at all levels

A gentle heart and the beautiful words

Your undivided attention, your unnerving thoughts

I love to be treated like a princess

You treated me like a queen

Setting the benchmark so high

Showing me what’s chivalry

And yet you remained a mystery

A puzzle I am itching to solve

Seem so easy and yet very difficult

Thoughts I want to unravel

Secrets I want to learn

The wounds I want to heal

A fort I could never enter

A wall so high and thick

Why wouldn’t you let me in?

Why shouldn’t I see your scars?

What makes you cry?

What makes you laugh?

Can I know the secret to your happiness?

Let me see how you wake up every morning

Show me what makes you melt

Let me dream big dreams with you

Leaving you was not the choice I made

Bit standing by the door was not the one either

Let me in and I will stay forever

I will walk beside and share your burden

I will walk ahead of you and clear your hurdles

I will carry you when you don’t want to move

I want my world to start and end with you

But I don’t want to sell it short

So you can come and go as you please

This is me saying goodbye

With a sad heart and a heavy soul

With eyes full of tears and mind full of words

With the biggest regret I will carry home

I wish I had met you once

For I know for sure that we would have fallen in love.





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