A Head Full Of Dreams

A head full of dreams and a heart that flutters of hope

Dreams of a distant land and a life there

Images of travelling the world and doing new things

And yet everyday I wake up in the same room and do the same things

A head full of stories and the hope to do the things I love

A teensy step towards my passion

The love for words and letters that makes me feel alive

And yet the pen lay on the desk collecting dust along with the notebook

A head full of longing and despair

A heart that craves to break free and disappear

The desire to camp on mountains and stand on the tallest cliff

Where the ocean roars and beats the wall of the mountain

Where seagulls squawk and the cold bites your skin

The fear of responsibilities and a dying wish to abandon them

A life so banal and yet you tread on hoping for someone rescue

A head full of foolishness

A heart that will not stop fluttering

The thought of being rescued sounds silly

For I am trapped in my own mind and I know the way out

And yet, I sit here in this darkness of desperation

Falling deeper into the vortex I call depression

Feeling weary to pull myself out of it

I sit here and watch the world pass by

I sit here with a head full of dreams and a hopeful, sad heart.


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