Everyday I wake up with this fear in my mind

I dread watching my hopes crashing on the floor

The distress of listening to your dilemmas

Every single time we dream together

I want to run and hide, I want to leave you and fly

And yet I stay, because, I hope someday you will be mine.

Why, oh! Why? Why do you have to do this to me?

Don’t you see I am a human with flesh and a thumping heart?

Don’t you feel what I feel?

This longing to be together, to be in love

To see the sunrise with you and read a book we love

I want to whisper my favourite words and poems into your ears

I want to see you smile in the darkness of the night

I want to show you off to the world and scream that you are mine

And just now it feels real, like I am close to having what I want

Like you are falling in love with me, we are sitting right here

Hand in hand, my head on your shoulder, coffee in our hands

Laughing at nothing, I wish I could freeze this moment

Where it feels you are mine and this life is real

This gaiety heart that’s floating into heaven

But I know, I know this won’t last

Tomorrow you are going to have second thoughts

There waits trepidation in the corner of the street

Like a grim reaper following his prey.


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