A dying practice that should be cherished!

I have been writing letters to one of my friends who live in a different city. I am literally writing letters on inland letters and posting them to her address. She receives it after 10 days. Sometimes the letter gets lost and we have a good laugh over it. Then we write the letter again and post it. Sometimes with a P.S. note below the address saying not to lose it. Not that anyone is going to read it but it is fun to do such things. Well, for us! I know her for 7 long years and the things that I got to know about her in the past 3 months when we decided to write to each other, I didn’t know before that. What I love about this whole thing is the natural commitment to write back to each other every single time we get a letter from the other person. I do not get as much excited when I receive my favourite book from Amazon. Her letters make me happy and bring a smile on my face no matter how crappy my mood is.
The most favourite part for me about writing letters is that it makes me very nostalgic. It takes me back in time, like, when I was in school. I did my schooling during the 90s. Ah! The bliss of 90s. That was the time we were technologically evolving. The technology we had was either limited or expensive. At my school, boys and girls weren’t allowed to talk so I write lengthy letters to my teenage love. That secret joy while hiding the letter in his bag when no one was seeing. Just watching him smile from a distance while he reads it used to make my head spin.

As a child I used to fall ill often. One of my uncles lived in Bombay. He was always worried about me so, he checks upon my health in all the letters he writes to my mother. All the motivations I got to get better with my health, was through his letters. Our bonding got stronger with time that after I learnt to write well, my mother used to give me a special space in the letter she writes to him. We didn’t have phone connections so he used to call our neighbor to talk to us. We leave everything that we were doing and run to pick his call. He recalls everything that I had written to him in the letter in those 2 minutes I get to talk with him. Every week, I used to wait for this time. I made cards for my parents wedding day and birthdays because, I didn’t get pocket money from them when I was in school. Why would we need it anyway? All we do is go to school, eat what mother gave us for lunch and walk back home rolling our bicycles. I barely rode the cycle back home from school. After school, we used to hop houses and pick each and every friend and meet at a common point. I am not sure how many of you remember the missed call signals? One missed call, call me back, two missed calls I am going to call you in sometime stay near the phone. Oh! Such innocent fun.

Now whatsapp messages/groups should beg letters to create that impact in the person you love. I love how that limited space in the inland letter pisses you off and makes you decrease the size of the font so you can write more. I love how I have to wait until next time to write everything else I missed to tell my friend because of the space constraint. I am not a believer in playing hard to get but this does add a zing. Cheap thrills! When I think about it, relationships were stronger and more intense during that time. We created stronger bonds because we were forced to spend less time with each other because what choice did we have? The anticipation, the longing and the craving to just be with the person you love or your friends can never be experienced now. I can always text a friend and tell her that I miss her. She would call me or we can do a video call. While, this is just amazing because everyone you love or miss is always just a call away. You can just summon them whenever you want. Even in long distance relationships technology sucks out all the drama and romance out of it. I am not going to debate on the pros and cons of technology or how it has vastly improved our lives. But I can tell this: A small part of me that’s still old-school misses this part and because of this most of the times I do not like what technology has done to us.

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