Hey, Stranger!

Like the sunshine on a rainy day
Like shadow on a sunny day
Like dew drops on dried grass
You walked into my life when I needed none
Come here baby, you said
I stood on the other side of the wall
Hearing your voice from somewhere far away.
puzzled and amused I looked around
The familiar faces didn’t interest me
I sat near the wall all by myself
You don’t have to be on your own, you screamed
I pressed my ear against the wall
Yes, I am talking to you, you said
I can hear the smile in your voice

We spoke from both sides of the wall
Day and night, you told me stories
Making me smile and laugh
pushing me to ignore my pain
Giving me inspiration to do the things I love
You don’t know me, you don’t know my past
The same goes for you, I don’t know you
But hey stranger! I love the way you make me smile
You made me dance and cast a magic in my life
All day and night, all the waking hours
All the time I spend talking to you
Just sitting on the other side of the wall
Your words and laughter reaching my ears
Through the air and wind
Every night, We plan to watch the stars and the moon

Hey stranger on the other side
Maybe we will never meet, maybe we will never see
But you have added a bounce to my walk
My head goes dizzy with the things you tell me
This is not love, I know or maybe it is
How do you define love? An emotion!
How do you name a feeling you cannot understand?
Can two people love without seeing each other?
Oh! I don’t know, you tell me. I hear you say.
Why do we have all these rules darling?
Why are you binding yourself to the things someone created?
Stop overthinking sweetheart you would say.
I laugh to myself thinking how well I know you. Already!

They say life is not about the destination
It is about the journey and the people we meet
You are my stranger and you are my ray of hope
You are the rope I have clung upon to from the dungeon
Sitting on both sides of this wall
Everytime I hear your voice I know I am happy
I know we haven’t named this nor made any promises
I do not want these big words, let’s not name it
I just want to walk with you from this side
Maybe we will meet one day
Maybe I will hold your hand and you will hold mine
Maybe I will lean on your shoulder and smile
Maybe you will stop asking about me and talk about you
But hey dear stranger, I am glad you are in my life
You have made me realise how easy few things can be
You have made me sing again,
My words have found a new inspiration: you, dear stranger!


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