How do I?

Do you know the saddest part about leaving you? It is, not knowing what to do with –

All the memories I share with you. The memories we made together and bottled them up letting the glow for us to watch them float inside it like a bunch of fireflies.
All those songs and lyrics I dedicated to you.
The music to which we danced and sang together,
The drunkenness that made me careless about life,
The high that made you care more.
Your arms around my waist,
Your lips pressing against my forehead,
The rugged beard against my cheeks,
The free pecks you gave me all the time.
The beautiful sound of your heartbeat,
The empty promises and the midnight tears,
The quiet whispers and the tickles that made me laugh.
The movies we watched together.
The books we read together.
The paragraphs I read out for you.
Our legs tangled and our hands holding each side of the book.
Your eyes, your smile, your kiss, you smell,
You sleeping next to me and the sound of your breath
Leaning on your shoulders, your legs on me,
The way you grab me when I move away from you in sleep,
The trinkets you gave me.
Everything, just everything you left with me.
The sound of your laughter
The silence of your anger
The child in your tears
The father in your care
The lover in your love
The passion in your kiss
And a part of me that belong to you
What do I do with them?
The void I feel right now
The emptiness that no one can fill
The happiness that no one can give
The addiction that made me live
Where do I go find them?
How do I heal myself?
Just how…
You taught me how to love
Where do I learn how to un-love you?


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