In The Darkest Of My Dark Heart!

I walked away from you

No, I ran away from you

As the past repeats itself

As my happiness is threatened

Across mountains and lakes

Through forest and fields

In fear and apprehension

With tears brimming my eyes

With another debacle chasing me

I ran towards the horizon

As far as away as possible

I ran to save myself from you

I don’t deserve anything less

I am going back to the blackhole

Getting sucked into the vortex

But I will not be deceived this time

I know this place, I have been here before

I am familiar of this pain, I know how to heal

But I am not going to wait until I am scarred

I am not going to let you crush my heart

I have learnt to breakfree

So here I am breaking the chains

The bondage you are trying to put me in

Breaking every promise I made

Soaking in sweat I run aimlessly

Screaming as the demons chase me

For I am more important to me

I know if I do not save myself, no one can

If I do not cry for myself, no one will

If I do not see the truth, I will die

I will burn in your love or the deception of it

I am not letting you destroy me

So here I run with a smile on my face

To a place you cannot find me

To a place I cannot see you

But in the darkest of my dark beating heart

There will always be place for you

There will be love for you

I have chained you there so you can never come to the surface

Because that’s where you belong

And that’s where you will be!









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