Playing Hard

They say it should be hard to get.

If you are easy, he will lose interest in you.

If she is easy, she is not worth it.

Play hard to get, they say.

You need to keep the men curious all the time.

But why should love be so hard? It isn’t a game.

If I love him and I tell him, am I not brave?

Don’t men admire a woman who is brave?

If I love him and I tell him, am I not making my life simple?

If you want something and confess about it, how are you weak?

Isn’t that an act of emotional bravery?


13 thoughts on “Playing Hard

  1. Yes, that does make a person brave, boy or girl. Because it takes so much courage to walk up to someone and express. I don’t know how that could make anyone weak, but imo, it does make the person very brave.

    P.S. I guess this is the reason why I am still single. -_-

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      1. So, it’s a prophecy then that I would remain single. Even you agree. 😔 Ok.

        Oh, have you ? Have you talked to me? 😂😜

        Ok, give me a situation that you have tried and it didn’t work out, I will try to come up with what they could have wanted or want? Sounds good?

        There there, you will the get the love of your life. I still doubt whether you’re single or not. 😜


      2. Touche. Can’t really argue with that. -_-
        P.S. That was fast.
        P.P.S. Of course I am OK.
        P.P.P.S. *Bows down* Agreed. I thought I must have already received a Friend Request. 😛

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