Dear God, I Demand That You Pay Attention Here.

Dear God, Sorry to disturb you but, I feel that I should be heard loud and clear. We need a big reduction in the amount of tears and all the people that you made in your image, see them fighting in the street ’cause they can’t make opinions meet about God, ——- if there’s one thing I don’t believe in, it’s you!

Have you heard this song? Oh! I am sure you would have. You are afterall GOD, aren’t you?

I am not interested in exchanging pleasantries with you, not now, not today. I feel let down by you. Like, you don’t have my back anymore.

This is one of my favourite songs. I listen to it everytime I am angry or upset about something that’s happening in the world. Unfortunately, I get sad quite often. Everytime I read the news, when I am riding my bike, when I read articles about a terrorist organization. For the past one week, I have not opened any of the news websites. I have been ignoring what’s happening because, what more can I do when I cannot do anything to stop this chaos? No, this blog is not about the cauvery issue.

This morning after I came back from my usual round of cycling, my mother was crying. She was watching the news, what I saw stopped my heart. I saw which I can only say is the most gruesome video I wish I had not watched at all. A terrorist organization killing several Americans, they were pinned over a meat hook and dragged across the ground. We turned off the TV and was very scared to turn it back on because we might accidentally end up watching that video again. But we cannot erase what we saw out of minds for a few days now, so thank you!

Few weeks back, a Syrian child was buried under the rubbles after a bomb blast. The photo and the video of him sitting in the ambulance after being pulled out of the rubble went viral. Did you see the face of the little one or were you too busy doing good for the bad people? Sending all your guardian angels to them, to protect them from who? So coming back to this little one, if you had noticed, he was in shock. He didn’t cry, didn’t move, didn’t ask for his mother, he was bleeding from the head and he just touched his forehead with his tiny little hand and looked at it. He sees blood, it’s sticky and he gets grossed out like every other kid or even an adult gets grossed out if they touch something sticky and looks for a place to wipe it. He stealthy wiped it on the chair he was sitting in. He didn’t know it was his blood. He was too shocked to realize the physical pain he was in. I cried while watching that video. I wanted to take the kid into my arms and tell him that everything was going to be alright. But will I be telling him the truth? He eventually lost his brother. Somewhere you had the heart to leave his family alone and took just one person away. How about you? Were you entertained enough by all this?

People always tell me a lot of things about Karma. I am really confused on how this thing works. So there are bad people right? Like, really bad people? How is Karma never affecting them? They are completely unharmed by this thing. If you take the collective sins that these people have committed they should be thrown into the ocean with sharks feeding on them they should die a slow, cruel death. Don’t you think? But they are rich, they have everything in surplus. What exactly went wrong here? Are you having trouble with time management or account management or what is it? Are you having a fight with the reaper that he takes the lives of whomever he wants and don’t follow your list? I am really trying to understand here. My mother says I am suffering today because of the sins I committed in the past birth. So now, I also get to go through shit for what I did in the past birth where I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. Then, there are things I did and do in this birth which is also haunting me, basically I am going to rot because of the sins I committed. Are you actually telling me that, that kid from Syria is going through what he went through because of Karma? Seriously?? Also, you are actually implying that men are better than women because, if you look around they are obviously more privileged. They can do whatever they want to do. Women get judged, raped and shamed. You have also given us a frigging uterus and hormones that has a mind of its own. How sinful are we then? If we go by your theory of Karma, women are devils! Men are angels. Even men can’t accept this now. The world will laugh at this, trust me and the feminists will burn you down. So, according to me, your theory of Karma is also flawed.

I want to talk about the homos because I love them. I love the way they stand up for what they want and for what they are. I cannot do that most of the times. Now, why is the world against them? They say it’s a sin. Basically, everything we do is a sin. If you are holding the thread of us and we are your puppets, you are making homos what they are. They are different because of you right? It’s your doing. Then how is that a sin? Everything that’s happening to us is because of you. I grew up hearing this from everyone around me. It’s God’s plan. Why is being a homo sin? Why is it illegal? It’s love. So is love is one of the sins now? Your schemes are ridiculously flawed I am telling you.

I am not going to preach atheism because, I am not an atheist. I love you but I am just so angry with you because, you have chosen to ignore the chaos in this world. So, I have been pushed to a point where I am forced to question your mere existence. What are you doing? Where are you? Are you so tired of us that you have given up on us and have chosen to just let us go and die? Well, as you can see, we are doing very well on that part we are killing each other. So, should I just choose to not believe in you? Because screw Karma. War is not an answer to anything. No human deserves to be killed, beaten up or dragged around like a piece of dead meat. Everyone deserves equal rights on everything that’s on this planet because we are all humans that has one heart, one brain and the same kind of emotions. We all have a family and we all have friends, that person we cannot live without. How are we any different? Everyone deserves a normal life. You will probably tell me what my father says whenever I wish life was easier, “Darling, it’s a lot more complicated than you think.” Then explain me why it’s so complicated to have peace and harmony? Why do people have to die? Innocent people. Why do you let them die? Aren’t you supposed to protect us? Why do you let the devil take control so much these days? Is it like you are losing your mojo? Whatever it is, I think it’s time to end your vacation and get back to work. There’s too much going on and I demand that you fix it or I will stop believing in you. You know I will!


An extremely angry woman who has never stopped loving you but eventually will!

2 thoughts on “Dear God, I Demand That You Pay Attention Here.

  1. I really feel the heat, the anger in your heart.
    God created trees not the paper money, God created metal not the gunpowder.
    Hope he intervenes in the atrocity and save his resembling.

    Heart-crunching post. You brought the child before my eyes with your words, and your emotions too.

    Liked by 1 person

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