The Zeal

I would hold your hand and pull you closer

I would grab your face and kiss your lips

I would ruffle your hair and whisper in your ears

I would make coffee in the mornings

I would cuddle with you at nights

I would listen to your heartbeat as I lay on your chest

I would throw myself into your arms and tell you how bad my day was

I would cry and be myself to you

Tell you the darkest secrets of my life

I would smile at your silly talks

I would stay up all night just for the phone to ring

Just to hear your husky voice say I love you

I would send you naughty texts and talk about sex

I would bite your ears and blow air into them

Just to hear you moan and smile thinking of what’s about to come

I would watch you sleep and wake up naked every morning

I would catch you smiling at my text while I hide somewhere around

I would watch other women flirt with you while you politely avoid them

I would get into your t-shirt and trip and fall on the bed to make mad love with you

I would bite your shoulders and imprint you as mine

I would watch you read with my lust filled eyes

And let you strip my clothes with your eyes

I would do all this if we ever spoke to each other

If you ever turn around and gather the courage to talk to me

I would come to you if I ever find the zeal to walk to you

The zeal to have you in my life, to make you the love of my life

Until then we will stand here at this station

Two strangers waiting for the train, hoping one of us would make the move someday!

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