This Love!

But if each day, she read from her journal, fingers tracing the words she had written months back.

But if each day, he whispered those words head resting on her shoulder as he drew circles in her tummy and looked at her face, drawing her closer and inhaling her smell. He couldn’t get enough of it, enough of her.

Each hour, she turned to see him when he did not repeat after few seconds. He was still looking at her, his calm eyes tracing the lines of her neck and shoulders. His warm breath caressing her neck, ‘repeat’ she mildly elbowed his chest.

Each hour

You feel that you are destined for me. He smiled and repeated.

With implacable sweetness

If each day a flower, he read the next line with her from her journal.

Climbs up to your lips to seek me.

He pulled the journal from her hand slowly as he kissed and climbed over her. Their naked bodies touching each other, rubbing against each other as they felt their warmth on each other. ‘Hey! I am not done yet!’ she protested

Ah my love, ah my own

In me all that fire is repeated


He said loudly making her laugh. He gave long, wet kisses on her neck and shoulders, caressing her bosoms all the while, making her moan and whisper his name a hundred times as he cast magic to her feelings and made her moan his name again and again. She smiled and gasped for breath. He kissed her lips and bit them a little. She pushed him away, while he grabbed her closer with every shoving. Wild lovers crazily in love with each other, bound in their own world, exploring their bodies, grabbing and biting, kissing and dabbed in sweat even as the winter was cold and freezing the world outside. They cuddled each other and lay on the bed. She grabbed the box of cigarettes from the side table and lighted one. He pulled it out of her mouth and tried to off it. She snatched it back from him and dragged a long puff and let out smoke rings in the room that was lit by the bleak evening sun. He looked at the smoke as they drifted into darkness and disappeared.


As the cuddled each other, he read her journal word by word, letter by letter he was stripping her naked. He was reading her soul. Her soul that stood infront of him in the form of words and sentence, stark naked with not even a slightest feeling of shame it stood there for him to read. She saw him getting involved in her journal, a little smile appearing on his lips, they lingered there for a while as his calm eyes pondered the words. Fringes of hair that used to fall over his forehead, that she always played with her fingers dangled in the air as he bent down to read her journal. His high cheeks bones and the mark where his dimples appeared, his sharp nose that she bites quiet so often only make him frown. She was falling in love with him this second, this very minute when they are sitting in the bed naked together, quilt pulled over their bodies like they cannot stay naked after making love, like it was mandatory to draw a piece of cloth to cover the skin.


She tied her lengthy, lustrous hair and she dropped the cigarette into the ash tray. She snatched the journal from his hand, opened her pen and wrote with him eagerly peeping in like a curious little boy.


Maybe we should stop seeing each other

Maybe we should part our ways

For we do not belong to each other

Someone once owned me under a contract

That mark of ring on my finger and the guilt in my eyes

I see it everyday, I see it when I stand infront of the mirror

You make me happy, you bare my soul

You strip me naked from words and complications

But can we be together now and forever?

This poor widow should go back into her shell

For she belongs in there, where she has been labelled and prisoned

And you back to your normal life that the society cares

Or maybe we belong to each other but the timings are wrong

This cruel life has played a game with our love

So here I am singing this song, hoping that one day you will be gone.

Loneliness is what I am destined for not happiness

You should go back to your life to some far off land


She looked up and smiled at him tears filling her eyes, running down her cheeks blotting the paper, blurring the words that she just wrote. He cupped her face in his hands and kissed her eyes his lips tasted salty from the tears.


He took the journal from her and wrote:


I know I love you and will do that forever.

I don’t know what normal is anymore

I don’t want normal even someone offered

You are the drug that lets me live with fervour

You are the essence of my life and happiness

Without you I cannot bear the emptiness

You are not a sad, lonely widow

I have come here to take you with me into the world

Will you marry me so I can conceal that mark of ring with a new one?

I don’t care what the society wants but all I want is you in my life

So walk down the aisle with me and I promise, you will never cry for the rest of your life.




Note: The poem that appears on top of this post is an excerpt from one of my favourite poems by Pablo Neruda, If you forget me.


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