Maybe, My secret love!

This yearning to dwell deeper into you is consuming me whole
It is feeding on my thoughts, filling them with you and more of you
I weigh the possibilities of us being together
Every single day, every single second
We do not talk so often, but when we do, it makes me happy for days on end.
You can put a smile on my face on a dull day
You can make me dance when I am exhausted
Do you have any idea how much I long to fall into your arms?
To tell you everything I feel without a care about the consequences
Do you know how it is be where I am? To keep guessing your hints?

Maybe I should write you secret letters to pique your curiosity.
Maybe I should follow you wherever you go
Maybe I should be be your sweet stalker
Maybe we should just sit and talk
Maybe I should plainly tell you how much I love you
Maybe I should wait for you to tell me that
Maybe we should skip these games and love
And maybe if all these were that easy
Maybe I will be holding your hand now
And not dream about that every single minute
Maybe I will just remain that secret admirer
I don’t know what’s more painful losing you as a friend or letting you go with another woman.
Maybe I will never know.
Maybe that’s how just this relationship is supposed to be!


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