Darkness (AtoZ challenge)

As the light eluded and the darkness persuaded

When everything went into the fold of night

When the stars shined brighter than the lights

We sat in the terrace on one beanbag

The wind blew silently, adding life to our romance

Me on your lap and a guitar in your hand

Your fingers playing with the strings 

Creating a beautiful music that soothed my ears

You sang softly in my ears,

Your breath on my neck, I drifted into a trance mode,

Sparks of current passing through my spine

Everything seemed surreal and dazed

Your voice being my drug and your warmth protecting me from the wind

I turned to see your eyes twinkle in the darkness of the night

As the breeze ruffled through your perfect hair

I held your face in both my arms

I brought you closer and kissed your lips

I heard the guitar hitting the floor

You smiled and pulled me closer to you

I hugged you tighter and we clasped our fingers!

The things we do under the sky

The things you do in the pitch of darkness

The love we make that no one sees

This darkness is our home

Where we stage our wildest dreams!

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