Ceraunophile (AtoZchallenge)

I am obsessed with new words and few months back I started writing poems and drabbles based on these new words. And the obsession continues through the A to Z challenge. C for Ceraunophile.


As I walked down the stairs to the basement I was in a dilemma. The building I worked in was a jail. Nobody knows what happens outside. Those of us who work here are oblivion to any sound outside. Be it a bomb blast or a thunder, we wouldn’t know unless it is an earthquake. It had rained all morning, actually all week. When the rain stopped for a while, I escaped on the roads with my scooty. Strings of sun rays escaped through the thick clouds that shielded its heat and light. The only time when the rain clouds outran the horrific sun! I enjoyed my ride on the wet roads, the dampness and the cold breeze was a treat to all of us. I checked the rear view mirror and saw the dark clouds chasing me. We were having a race now and I was not going to lose. Through buses and trucks, cars and auto I drove faster and sturdier while the rain bearing clouds chased me like a monster chasing its prey! The adrenaline and fun did not let me think of the risk. I won!

Now I am walking down the stairs to the basement, unsure if it is raining outside. I get on my bike and wear the raincoat nevertheless. I had an instinct that it is raining heavily outside. As I drive out of the basement, I realized that it is worse than I expected it to be. The rain was lashing the streets. The trees were dancing to the wind like devils. I decided to experience the bitterness and anger of nature. I drive through the flooded roads. When I hear it first, like a loud drum roll to announce that I am sending more to test your endurance. I smirk at nature and accept the challenge. Flash! Comes a lightening to scar the life out of me, I won’t close my eyes as my vision is blurry due to the moisture forming around the glasses of my helmet. How I wish there were helmets with wipers!

As I drove through my favourite flyover, I see the dance of nature. With lightening slashing through the clouds and sky, the thunder raged in anger! The brightest lightening stroked the ground branches of it split across and flashed all over the sky. A new firework is in the making, only that it is getting dangerous with every passing minute. The lightening did not make me close my eyes and the thunder did not shake me. I stood there admiring this dangerous show put up by nature. For I am a ceraunophile and I cannot ask for a better show!

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