A for many Random things! #AtoZchallenge

Arrange whatever pieces come your way – Virginia Woolf.

I had one of the worst days of my life; so worst that I did not even realize that it is Friday until afternoon. I came back home and threw myself on the couch after dinner with a book – Looking for Alaska. I have officially concluded that John Green is the international Chetan Bhagat. And then I realized, Blimey! I have to start posting blogs for the A to Z challenge. It would be such a shame to fail on the very first day of a challenge. I abandoned the book which I would have done in any case; here I am starting my first A to Z challenge.

As my mind is completely blank and my brain is acting dumb I am going to do exactly what Virginia woolf said. I am going to write about random things that come to my mind!

Attraversiamo – Let’s cross over. I flicked this word from the novel Eat, Pray, Love and made it my word. This is my favourite and the only Italian word I know other than La bella vita (well, technically it is a sentence.) which means a beautiful life, so everytime when I am feeling low I tell myself to live a la bella vita, attraversiamo. Speaking of which, this could be my anecdote, which is another beautiful word that begins with the alphabet A.

In the book All the bright places which again begins with the alphabet A (by now I think you should understand that I am trying to make a point that I am sticking to the rule of writing something that start’s with the letter A) the protagonist, Theodore Finch writes anecdotes for himself. This is a beautiful novel that I have read 3 times so far and every time I read it I feel like I am reading it for the first time. I am so much in love with Theodore Finch that I want to bring him to life from the book and make him my boyfriend. Sometimes I want to be Theodore Finch, who can feel so deeply about everything. Theo is someone who can see and understand even the darkest side you want to hide. But no one can feel or understand what he feels.

Somehow that reminds me of Anne Frank, who understands everything that a girl of her age cannot. She lived through pain and couldn’t share it with anyone but her diary. I always wonder if she had lived in this generation she would have been a great writer, as a feminist she would have created a ripple in this world. A feminist, a revolutionist and a lover who never lived to see her own life bloom what a sad way for a human to live and die! I was sad for a very long time after reading her diary. The book I mean.

Albeit is a nice word too.

I trusted albeit being betrayed

I loved albeit all the things that made me lose faith in it

I lived albeit all the things could have killed me.

This could be my anecdote too albeit it being too long!

By the way, have you ever thought of writing anecdotes about you or your life? If you would, what would it be? Tell me in the comments 🙂






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