You cannot Fly away!

The clocks’s ticking and the body is decaying
The mind is learning and the heart is wearing
The soul corroding and yet a thirst to live on

The heart rejuvenates, shakes off the hurt
Gets ready to live again, convinces the mind
The soul still unconvinced floating around
Hear, hear, you relentless soul!
I found a place for you to live, said the heart

Where, where? In this hopeless world
A world where people only use each other
A place where there is no love
I cannot stay, I want to fly away

You cannot go, we have work to do
Come here and I will show you paradise
Come closer to me said the heart
The soul went closer to the heart

Stretching its arm, the heart said
This is our life, this is where we live
Nobody can hurt us, nobody can lie
I am taking you into my fold
The mind has learnt, we love again
We might lose again, We might win this time
But we won’t stop living
For I beat to live and not to die
So I am not letting you die, you cannot fly away!


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