If you support love…

So often we read posts that say, “You must accept the person you love the way they are”, “love is just another emotion”, “Love is love”, “All is fair in love and war”, “You cannot control whom you fall in love with”, “Let’s learn to agree to disagree” and “We are all different and it’s OK” I can keep going on and on with all these quotes that we read and like on social media every day. My question is do we really follow it? We as a society decide what’s right and what’s wrong but do we really know that what we choose as right is really right? I know people who tell me that if we could live by our own rules and if each and everyone in the world starts thinking that way then we are no different than animals. The whole point is that I want to live my life the way I want to live, plus animals don’t really interfere in each other’s decision. Well, I am not Dr. Dolittle to know that but I am just trying to make a point here! Nobody needs a definite guide to life because if we followed a guide we would be living the life of someone else.

I once met a person who was completely disgusted when I told him that whenever I look at a beautiful woman a little longer than appropriate I start wondering if I am a lesbian. “eewwww.. How could you say that?” was his reaction. I asked him what disgusted him so much about what I said and he told me, “It’s not right!” I asked him why he thinks that it is not right. To which he responded, “You cannot fuck something that is not fuck-able” I asked, “So you think this is all about fuck? And even if it is, how do you know that it cannot happen? Have you tried before?” He dismissed this conversation by tagging me as “a hopeless female”

It made me really sad when I read that this topic was not even allowed to discuss in the parliament of India. Religions consider it a sin. Being gay is still illegal in many countries and they are subject to a lot of humiliations. They are constantly ambushed and taken to religious shrines trying to ward off the evil spirit that is making that person think the way he/she thinks. Now, how can being in love be considered a sin? How is making my own choices illegal? Why should a person who has a different sexual orientation run and hide when a minor who raped and tortured a girl to death is allowed to roam freely? Why should a set of people waste their life fighting to co-exist with their own choices and life while others have it the easier way?

This cannot be treated because there is nothing wrong with them. You cannot choose the person you love. It is as normal as how a person who is straight falls in love with the opposite sex. We cannot call them queer because they are not! We cannot label them because we simply should not! We cannot judge them and we cannot ask them how they feel about being in love with the same sex. We cannot tell them that they should not celebrate Valentine ’s Day because love is love.

I think we are all a bunch of hypocrites because we don’t do what we say. We don’t have fixed morals. We modify them as per our convenience. We support a lot of causes and issues, we give our opinions and argue over what’s right and wrong. But when it is happening to us, in our family we oppose it. We react differently and most of the times completely opposite to the views we have been believing is right all those years. The truth is, it is all about perception and there is no black and white, it is always grey because nobody can ever tell what is right or wrong. If they do on what basis do they say it? They say something is wrong because something is done differently from the routine, from what’s been practiced as right for ages and being blindly followed without reasoning. Another truth is that, nobody can tell what is right or wrong until they are put in that situation. It is always easy to decide for others and watch the world from above.

So next time before you go ewww over this, think how you would react if someone gets disgusted over your choices. Infact, we are the ones who should be ashamed of who we are and not the ones who bravely come out and shout to the world about who they are and what they want. If anything, they are really the free spirits who are not trapped in someone else’s life!

If you support love then support gay wedding. Let them live life just the way you want to live yours.




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