The Apprehension

Day and night, your thoughts haunt me blind

I think of ways to escape but my brain is too dazed

Every hour in a day, in your memories I am bound

I stand at the horizon where reality fades

Every time the door opens, my heart skips a beat

And there you come, there you come

You nod and smile at me, oh! So vibrantly

My heart flips within and does a somersault

It stands infront of me and does the happy dance

For it’s you who’s come to make my day oh! So glee!

I yearn to talk to you, I wait for chances to come

I know you like me, I know you feel the way I do

I am too shy to admit for you give me butterflies

I hope to earn your trust and enter your world

But everything seems nice from a distance

And so I move away and cherish how far we have come

Few things are best kept at a distance

Few dreams are best when it remains a dream

This tension between us, this attraction we have

Those stealthy looks and meaningless conversations

The opportunities we grab just to exchange hollow words

Your musk when you are not around, the lust that lingers around


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