A dream that felt so real
A life that felt like a dream
A memory so poignant
The present so exhilarant
A mind so confused
A heart that floated

A hand I longed to hold
The kisses I yearned to feel
As you pulled me closer
My heart went for a twirl

Your silhouette so beautiful
Your musk filling my senses
Rain splattering the window
Exploring the world of pleasure
Your dark eyes fixed on mine

Like filling a broken poem
We write a page together
A page that begins a chapter
A chapter that unfolds many chapters of our life

I wrote the first word, heal
I kneel in the presence of love you wrote
My soul, with your magic I continued
I beseech you to come into my arms
For I can collect the broken pieces
Bestow me with that chance, you wrote

Weave my broken heart, for it is falling apart
Seal this pact with your lips on mine, I wrote
You smile and abide, so there it begins
A journey towards the future
Uncertain about everything
But certain that we will be together
Atleast for a while…


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