The best Conversation

When I entered the ball room, I caught you standing amongst the guests in one of the crowded rooms I have been to before. Tall and handsome, fringes of hair playing on your forehead, fringes of hair I love to ruffle as you go to sleep. I can spend my entire day just looking at you and falling in love with the little, normal things you do. I sat in a corner from where I can see you in action. You laughed and greeted everyone, while my eyes darted the women who spoke with you. Pangs of jealousy hit me hard. You are mine and only mine, I thought. With the flashlights bright and cameras focused on you, you were focused on making an impression with your audience and the world. I waited for that moment when you would turn around and acknowledge this secret lover of yours.I waited for that one minute when our eyes would meet, when it will be just you and me and the world becomes zilch! Across boundaries and horizons we go into oblivion, where our hearts are tied and you envelope me in your warmth. When our world of secrets is not a secret anymore. When there is just you and me and our love that we cherish and long to express.

As I drifted deeper into this world of ours, I caught you staring at me as you wrestled your way through the crowd. I noticed the sparkle in your eyes and that familiar naughty smile lingering on your lips. Those lips that I am longing to feel on mine right now. You winked at me and arched your eyebrow like you always do when you are about to kiss me. You mildly bowed from a distance to acknowledge my presence. I felt a strong current down my spine. I guffawed at you like everything was normal. But inside me I was battling a tornado that was twisting my stomach. You don’t give me butterflies but huge waves like an angry ocean. You walked in my direction making me look down at the floor. You came closer to me as they played our favourite song. We looked at each other startled and excited at the same time. That was a sweet surprise that neither of us arranged for. With every step you took, my heart flipped and thumped in my chest loud enough for my own ears! I quivered inside and tried to even my breath. I looked around not wanting to be noticed. When you stood infront of me, the world became oblivion and we spoke a million words in that unspoken moment. I felt sweetly trapped in the place where I stood and given a choice I would have stayed there forever! By the way you stood close to me diving deeper into my eyes and playing the strings of my soul I realized that you are my center of gravitation and everything about my life revolved around you.I wanted to pull you closer and kiss you passionately. I wanted to hold the back of your neck and whisper in your ears about how much I love you and how much I yearn to be with you. I want to hug you tight and never let you go but could we have done it then? I looked around at the crowd gathered for you! They were celebrating your victory while I am still celebrating our love, as you mesmerized me with your beautiful eyes we exchanged a few formal pleasantries in words. I wanted to laugh out loud because it was thrilling to act like I didn’t know how much I actually know you! In that place, in that party, I was just another fan who was trying to get your attention. It was fun to see those jealous women looking at me wondering what we were talking. Then came the moment of silence. I felt your finger doodling over my hand. I withdrew myself as quickly as possible for the fear of being noticed. You pleaded with your eyes to come closer and kiss. I denied your request and turn deaf to your pleas rather playfully than reluctantly. With our eyes we continued arguing when you finally defeated me. As usual I succumbed to your charms.

We made love with our eyes and that was more beautiful than anything else in this world.  As I melted into your eyes and drifted into your soul. Your mother pulled your arm to dance with you. You laughed and moved away from me as our shoulders brushed, I was enamored by what happened seconds before. You danced with your mother laughing and talking all the while your gaze fixed on me. I sat on a chair nearby and watched you dance and holding that moment close to my heart.

One day you will be mine and I will be yours and you will take my hand and I will give you my life! We will dance with you without a care in the world. We will stitch our souls together and decorate our love with these little moments we make now. As I sat there meandering over the thoughts of our future together. You threw a flying kiss at me, I looked away smiling and thinking about how beautiful our love is.

And there we had another best conversation of our lives!


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