sonderThe sweet whispers, the silent giggles

Snivelling given by a heart break

Earnest attempts to make a loved one stay

Tears of anguish and despair as life slays

As the gadget hits the ground

A heart is torn

Pieces of it left here and there

A mere spectator, I stand helpless

Hoping for the best for the soul that just left

Loud laughter and gossips I hear

Next story in the making I see

Drinking their daily poison they stand here

Chattering about nothing and everything

Complains and curses unfold as I pass

A mere listener who crossed their path

Complicated is life, more complications we add

A road that can be travelled happily and smooth

But don’t we hate it when everything is nice?

So here we add some thorns on the path

Stepping over it we cry and blame God

A realization that stuck me hard

It’s not only my life but everyone’s too


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