A life that does not belong to me

A place I do not fit into

Like a wrong piece in the puzzle

Eyes of strangers scrutinizing me

There is no sense of belonging here

Suspicious whispers exchanged among people

Constantly reminding me of who I am

I know how you see me, I know that you fear me

An intruder collapsing your peaceful life

An invader disrupting your routine

I don’t blame you for that

But Forget not for who I am

A person who had a beautiful life

I was just like you few months ago

A culture so rich and a country so splendid

A house that was built for my family

Beautiful memories that decorated our home

My life was as normal as yours

Until one bomb hit my house

Until that one bullet ripped my family apart

We lost our house, we lost our belongings

I lost my parents and the siblings I had

I was chased and chased until I lost my own way

I never stopped running for the fear of being captured

Far away from life, farther away from my dreams

While you went on vacations, I ran for my life

Men died and suffered leaving their children and wives

While you enjoy concerts, I heard bombs and grenades

While you run marathons, I run to find a hide away

I have tread far away from our homes

Hoping for fresh start in my new Womb

We are not a threat but a mere soul looking for a home

The preaching of a religion misunderstood

Stupidity of a man that spread like a pandemic

Innocent lives taken away for charges unknown

I miss my homeland where I was born

My mother who is torn to bits and pieces

A longing to return to watch the birds sing

A yearning to go back to the past

Outcast from my own land, I flee

Where my house was intact and so was the love

When my family was alive and all we knew was happiness

Where we don’t get beaten up because we could be a threat

For it is a sickness to return to my home that doesn’t exist anymore

A craving to return to normal life

Where we don’t get blamed for invading spaces

This sickness that I have has no cure

This sickness has eventually killed my soul

Now what remains is only the cage

That is moving around places hoping to find a home away from home!


2 thoughts on “Hiraeth…

  1. This reminded of the refugees, their plight and their pain that is sprinkled all over your verse. For them, even home is where the heart is might not be as easy as it sounds. 😦 Nicely written.


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