The Woman You Broke!

Standing on top of the building

A spot so lovely, the solitude it gave me

The vast ocean at a distance

Lakes and landscapes, birds decorating the trees

A sky so clear and a treat to the eyes

Wind through my hair, Pen in between my fingers

Journal in my hand, freedom in my mind

The pieces that you broke, I put them back together

I grew stronger, that your thought never made me quiver

Not a soul to share, not a soul to hear

I wrote the promises I made to myself

Word after word, page after page

Here I stand at the top of the world

Reading what I wrote, hoping I kept my word

Smiling at my friend, made of paper

To whom I spoke, the darkest secrets of my mind

The one who listened, while everyone judged

I have kept my promises, I have grown invincible

I smile in joy, I wipe a drop of tear

I won the battle against depression

I did not run in despair, I held on to hope

I defeated my own demons and grew invincible

I am the girl you broke and walked away

I am the woman you will never find in any corner of this world

2 thoughts on “The Woman You Broke!

  1. It is wonderful to see that she is strong, and not given up. Pain can feel overwhelming at times, but to take the broken pieces, write about it and slowly put them back together, that takes courage and this poem shows that in plentiful. 🙂 Loved it, Gayu.

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