I am an alien!

Dear Humans,

I wait at the queue in a departmental store and the queue doesn’t seem to move for a long time. Then I see this woman running around picking stuff and dropping it at the trolley by the billing counter. This kept going on for a while and I lost patience. I asked the lady at the counter what was going on and it seems like this woman who is running around like a headless chicken has forgotten few things which she is picking up now while we wait for the princess to be done. I pushed the trolley aside and asked the lady to bill my stuff. Immediately, this woman came running claiming her position in the queue. I told her that she can finish her shopping and get back to billing. She seemed extremely offended and picked a fight with me. Noone who waited in the queue supported me. I know I was not wrong. But apparently, I was told that I am the indecent person.  Somehow people always find pleasure in bypassing a queue. Is this lack of patience or common sense or should I say arrogance? And the people who waited in the queue before me why haven’t they stood up for themselves?

I am writing this letter to solemnly swear that I am an alien stuck in this planet. I don’t remember what happened and why I was left behind but I hope my extended family and friends miss me and send a search crew to find me because I cannot live in this world anymore. A world where man slaughters man and calls it survival of the fittest. A place where I cannot live life the way I want to without being judged. I cannot take this pressure of pleasing the strangers I don’t even care exist. A world filled with lust, hatred, and hypocrisy.

This is not the world I remember and I don’t want to live in this planet anymore because many men believe that they live in a feminist world and women think most of the men are misogynist. We live in a world where we speak a lot about equality but women always get run over or side tracked by men on the road because they don’t like women overtaking them and women expect to get special privileges over men because she is a woman. We talk about not judging people but cannot stop wondering why the girl next door comes late and why a man drops her everyday. We fail to understand the fact that being gay is not a choice. We constantly say, “Live and let live” but we do not approve what others want to do with their lives. A society that constantly expects an individual to seek their approval before doing something. Where vegetarians constantly justify why being one is perfectly normal and why not being is a sin. While non-vegetarians constantly bully vegetarians saying we kill the plants like they kill animals. It is food for God’s sake and just eat whatever you feel is appetizing!

A place where killing a fellow human being for war or their own purpose is perfectly alright. Countries and a council that call punishing someone who shattered the lives of people barbaric while they fail to think of how barbaric these assailants were! Where fair talk is only a myth. Where religion of our choice has become a crime while selling it or killing people who don’t want to follow that religion has becomenormal.

This is a place where accepting the fact that you love someone is always misused and taken advantage of. When a man says a woman that he is love in with her or when a woman says a man that she is in love with him, most of the times the other person takes advantage of it. People love unambiguity even if it makes them want to break their head. Where humans don’t respect each other, where they are ready to slaughter their self-respect in the name of love. Where the beautiful feeling called love is raped in to satisfy lust!

This is a planet where social media decides the beauty of a person. Where nothing is private and nothing can be hidden from the outside world. Where I think I am constantly monitored by a thousand eyes, scrutinizing every detail of my life because they can. This is a world where I don’t have a place to hide in my own house. Where mobile phones took over humans sitting opposite to us. Where you are constantly expected to be available inspite of your shortcomings. A place where you have to push your friends and loved ones aside to come up the ladder because survival of the fittest!
This is not the world I know. This is not the world I used to live-in. In my world, there was peace and there was love. There was no social media and I was not constantly craving for likes and opinions to regain my self-esteem. I did not beg people to stay in my life because I didn’t have to. They were not acting or playing around for their benefits. They were them and I was me our world met at one point where we met whenever we could.

Yours truly,
A Frustrated Outcast!

P.S: Just in case you are wondering, No, I am not available for research!


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