The Rise and Fall of a Writer

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear or see Chetan Bhagat? A man who writes stuff about IIT, things (not) to do in IIT, girls, boy issues, s**, s**, s**, and more s** and beeeeeeeeppp. My best friend is not a reader. If you take him to a bookstore he will carry your bags and stand in a corner with the security guard but I saw him indulging himself in one of the books written by Chetan Bhagat. It was The three mistakes of my life, I guess. I was just staring at him in surprise. He told me that he is not reading the book per se, apparently he’s read all the books written by Chetan Bhagat and he is just looking for the erotic stuff in it. “This guy is great at emphasizing that” exactly what he told me. There you go, a very good reason for a non-reader to read! Now, you cannot deny the fact that most of you have read at least one book by him, atleast glanced as you walked along the bookstore.
I am a member of Chetan’s Bhagat’s Facebook page. I had liked the page many years ago. For the past few months, whatever update this man posts all I see is hate comments. I like to read the comments on a post it gives you a perspective on other’s perspective (In other words, I must get a life that’s interesting). They ask him to stop writing, stop judging dance shows, stop writing scripts. But what if the man actually likes to do these things? While I agree that his books are not great and well aware of the fact that we are in a democratic, free nation where we can express what we feel, we do not have the rights to bash a person like this. It all started when the writer meddled himself up with Aamir Khan for 3 idiots. He changed his statement on and off mostly because I think he didn’t want to be a part of any controversy. He then made a mistake of writing Revolution 2020 I have absolutely no idea what he was thinking when he wrote it. It is a huge disappointment. Now he’s written another book, “Making India Awesome” I don’t know how it is and believe I will never know. When this update was posted on his facebook page the hate comments started pouring in and when I noticed the pattern it was normally based on the previous comments few people didn’t even bother to change the words. They then ask him not to judge dance shows. Tell me something, in India can you tell me one program where you can see a judge who has in depth knowledge in what they are judging? Actors judge cookery shows, they always win a crore in crorepati. Now the funniest part is that the same actor who won a crore would have blabbered nonsense in another interview. Suddenly when she entered the sets of crorepati she is enlightened with all the knowledge in the world. How does that happen? But we don’t care about it we still sit and watch these shows. Then a writer judges a dance show and all hell breaks loose! What is wrong with you people? The writer personally wrote a message saying these comments disturb him and I do understand how it feels to be trashed on a forum like that.
I like him. He changed Indian writing and like I said he made non-readers read whatsoever the reason. He has a good sense of humour and he respects women. I have respect for this man because when most of the men of this generation stick their tail between their legs and run behind their mothers this man stood up to the girl he loved and married her. I have read his books. I liked the books one night at the call center and 2 states. But will I read his books again? Now? No! Because they are just not my pick. Plus, I like to see a writer evolve out of his first book. There was a time when I saw 2 states on the stands I was the first to run and grab it. Honestly, that was one of the happiest moments of my life. Will I do that now? No! I wouldn’t risk investing my time or money on his books. I expect quality and something that will make me feel refreshed. I don’t want IIT, love, mess ups and s** everytime I read a book. I have moved on. But I won’t sham him in public or post hate comments on his facebook page or anything of that sort. I will simply not read his books.
All said and done, I think the country will be a better place to live in if we have a reason behind the hatred, if we think before we talk, if we don’t blindly follow a man’s word. You like it or not, he’s set a trend and I can name authors whose books after reading, I seriously considered writing to them asking for a refund followed his footsteps only to fail miserably. Oh wait! They have a fan following too. Their books scream “I want to be Chetan Bhagat too” through and through. Maybe he doesn’t interest a set of people anymore. But there are folks who still love him. I have written an e-mail to him appreciating him. In the e-mail I told him that I want to be a writer someday. I got a response the next day itself and he wished me luck for becoming a writer. I know writers who make a mockery of those who want to be writers. “Everyone wants to be a writer these days” exactly what they say.

I think this man deserves respect more than anything else. You loved him once and now you hate him fine, but why hate someone you don’t even know? Think! If you hate him for being civil you are a moron. If you hate him because everybody else hates him, again, you are a moron. If you think his job is to write and he cannot judge dance shows. Well, then I think you should stick to your profession alone and not take up any other activity even if you get paid for it because your job is to do what you are doing now. If you do not prefer his books anymore, leave the book and the man alone. More importantly, un-like his Facebook page and save your time! 

2 thoughts on “The Rise and Fall of a Writer

  1. One of the big reasons for hate is jealousy. If he could do it why am I not getting to do it. People fail to realize he has invested in his current profile over years and hence factually he is eye ball material. That is some thing many cannot digest. “How on earth can he be more famous for being a moron? I can top that and yet no one hears me or pays me to behave like a idiot.” And hence hate flows freely. I have never read him and I don't think I ever will. He exists in his world and has every right to thrive as I have and if I cannot be as him then its my problem and not his because he does not need to change.


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