The answers my love!

A love built on trust and hope
You and me in a cloud of dreams
I hold your hand and grin ear to ear
A feeling of conquering the world
I am in love, to the world I scream
Your little lies, your hidden love
You joke around, I catch you long
To be with me and feel my love
Blithe and mirthful I tell you how
It isn’t so hard to read my own mind
It’s you and me in a cloud of dreams
I read your mind and your love for me
You ask me how, I was careful you say
I chuckle playfully, you wince defeated
You would have left me dying in pain
You wouldn’t be around if otherwise
But here you are looking for answers
The answers you already know
Stop waiting for it is going to be in vain
I have stolen your heart and locked in a box
A box I have locked in my heart

My heart to which you are the key

2 thoughts on “The answers my love!

  1. Love itself is such a beautiful feeling ..No human should be deprived of it !!
    Blessed are those who are showered with love of life ..!
    I wish let the Key unlock your heart as early as possible 🙂


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