To the dog lovers

Disclaimer: An incident that happened this morning made me write this blog. An old lady was chased by a lab while the owner kept saying he (the dog) won’t do anything. The old woman was afraid anyway and I understand her. With that being said, this blog is blunt and rude. Read at your own expense and don’t blame me for hurting your little dog-loving heart.
Hello Dog Lovers,
For years now, you have been tormenting us with your “If you hate my dog, I hate you” posts. But I don’t really think a strong message has been conveyed from us non-dog-lovers that says, “Hey! we are cool with you hating us for not understanding your dog!” I thought of giving our perspective (piece of mind) to you all so you can understand how the other side of the river is. There are reasons why we don’t prefer your precious four legged beings around us. To list a few:
      1) We like dogs too but when they are maintaining a considerable amount of distance. We think they are adorable and cute from a distance and respect our private zone!
2)      Licking, snuggling, cajoling – we do that with humans. We simply don’t understand why we have to let your dogs snuggle/lick us because we should stay in your house or need your friendship.
3)      Being licked by a dog is disgusting. Period!
4)      We don’t and won’t share our bed with four legged creatures because we don’t like it. We like to sleep with pillows and humans around us. You have a problem go sleep in the dog basket with your dog.
5)      It’s a dog. “It” is a dog! So stop forcing us to call it her, him, baby, darling, ninnu, neeno, whatever and no we won’t see it as a human being because our brain cannot function that way. You have a problem deal with it!
6)      Dog hair in food, couch, bed or my hair, your hair, not cool! OK, your hair, your wish. We will give you that too much.
7)      Pug, Lab, german shepherd, this, that, blah and blah. We see it as dogs. Tiny dog, lengthy dog, tall dog, grumpy dog. Stop looking at us like we are illiterates or you can we don’t care. We still won’t learn the dog breeds. They all look the same!
8)      If your dog is running towards us, we WILL DEFINITELY run. We are glad our survival instincts are intact. So you better tie it if you want us home. Don’t let it run towards us and ask us to deal with it or live with your dog and leave us alone.
9)      I won’t share my food with your dog. Period!
10)   Dogs have ticks. They do and they spread lyme disease. I am not going through all that because of your dog. I am paranoid and I would like that to be respected. Just like how you expect me to respect your feelings towards your dog.
11)   Please don’t let your dog loose where people are walking, old people and kids and let them sniff around. Maybe you are proud of your dog sniffing around strangers but dude! We see them as monsters and why is it so difficult for you to understand that?
12)   Dogs howling are absolutely not cute! It is annoying. It doesn’t bark sweetly it gives us a headache, it is LOUD!
I used to love dogs, hug them, play with them when I used to be a kid but then there was a time when the dog went mad and almost bit me. Maybe dogs have mood swings too and hormonal issues for all I know. I don’t care anymore. But after this incident and many incidents of dog chasing me I started getting averted towards them. They are cute and all that but no! They scare me.
It would be nice if you stop being barbaric and understand that there is a world where there are people who are scared of dogs for various reasons; there are people with different perspectives and preferences. So stop being an ass with us. It would be nice to understand us first before asking us to understand your four-legged creature and your love for them. In our defence, we understand your love for it but we just don’t want you to force it on us. It has to happen and trust me it will never happen.
So, if you need respect please learn to prioritize and keep the human love and dog love separately. If you are going to insult us if we ask you to tie your dog when we are around or keep them away from us we will leave! Because just like how you don’t understand why we don’t like them, we don’t understand why you cannot be understanding!

A non-dog-lover who seeks respect!

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