Fringe of wishes

As night folds the day in darkness
And the winter breeze makes me shiver
I wish you were here to cuddle in a sweater
As the loneliness becomes beautiful
And silence bestowed my room
I wish you were here to pull me closer
As I hear the beautiful song
The one that we play in loop
I wish you were here so we can dance
As I wear your shirt and smell your musk
That one smell which drives me mad
I wish I could melt in you and disappear
As I eat the delicious strawberries
And think of your soft lips
I wish I could feel them on mine
As I dream this beautiful dream about you
I wish you could step into my dream
Just so you can see how much I love you
And I will do a happy dance and tell the world
How great our love is, how wonderful my lover is
As I dream this fringe of wishes
And wishing hard that you could see them
You sit next to me, smiling in the darkness
Holding my hand, leaning over my shoulder
Writing our name on my palm
With your long beautiful finger
Kissing my neck and winking at me
We play that one favourite song in loop
And dance away the night, melting into each other’s eyes
I wish this moment lasted for eternity and beyond

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