What I want!

(Pic from: google)

Couple of eyes that search you in a crowd
A talent that can make you proud 
A voice that doesn’t allow you to sleep
A face that tempts you to peep

A bosom that can smother
An attitude that doesn’t really bother
Lips that can sip my morning tea
A belief that can make me free 

An intellect that can understand my words 
Long chats that can envy even the nerds 
Arms that can wrap you around
That takes me to places never found 

A message that gives a bleep
A letter that makes me weep 
A drink which makes me high 
A person for whom you want to die 

A purpose to get me out of bed
A person who denies me to get out of the bed
Those three words which seem cheesy
A living which is ever so easy

A person to greet me on the other side of the door
Offsprings of atleast four
A laugh which never seems to end
A relationship different from the trend 

A passion that makes you sweat under the quilt 
Random thoughts devoid of filth 
A simple meal under the trees
A sleep that can give me peace

– Unknown writer

3 thoughts on “What I want!

  1. This is such a beautiful poem! So romantic, so expressive. How can you not tell us the name of the author? That is so unfair! Wish I knew the unknown author!!!!!


  2. You had all this and yet you let that person go. Now you post a poem in the name of an unknown author! Always been a hypocrite and will always be.


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