The Mistake

Black and white, Color and grey
Camouflage were they,
untrustable and cunning
I walked away, I hid within
He broke the shell,
And pulled me away
I ran fast, I changed my looks
He had the knack and found me again
Wary to trust, scared to death
I begged him to spare me
I cried to be left alone
He smiled at me and walked away
Bewildered and happy I danced in joy
I don’t need a man, I said aloud
He turned around and raised his brows
With tears trickling down his cheeks
He left me alone
I laughed and jumped, he walked farther
I see him afar and missed his gaze
I repent my mistake yet feel safe
Days passed, months rolled
I hoped he would come
But he did not. No! He left
Sitting by the window, I dream about him
I wish he was here, I imagined him smile
The haunting brown eyes, the perfect eyebrows
Those chivalrous looks and the warmth in his touch
The sternness when he promised, the love in his voice
I missed him in everything but alas, he was gone!
I repent my mistake; I wish I could undo it
But alas, he was gone too far away to call
Here I go back into the shell, I shut myself in
For I took him for granted, for I deserve to be in the shell! 

2 thoughts on “The Mistake

  1. I can sense you've commited so many mistakes and lost people to them !! Haven't you ?! You know the worst part about mistakes is – You can't undo them ever !! You can just learn from them. But I see you haven't done that either and thus here you are, ending up repenting !! I feel bad for you.


  2. OK, you have gone way too offboard. How dare you judge me through my poems and blogs? Again and again you act like a total slimy and disgusting a**hole!! I first thought I will ignore this comment of yours because I seriously don't want to muddle with pigs but then you are such a terrible coward that you are talking these things under the cover of anonymous. “E” nonymous, I am replying because I want you to keep in my mind that I know who you are! From this minute, your comments are going to spam. IF you were ever born with a spine comment using your name and ID. Say these things to me, judge me and the people in my life in person I will break your face! You know me very well so I am sure you know I won't think before spending money to come over to your place and do that.

    There was a reason why I threw you out of my life. Stay out. You don't deserve a place in my life, ever!! I don't want to see your comments here again. What a coward son of a bitch!! I feel bad for you because you are still satisfying yourself thinking you are great and have such a useless self esteem what do I say? Get a life dude!!


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