Beautiful Things.

My friends call me an Alice in wonderland, because I am a bit weird. I believe there really is a prince charming for every Cinderella on this planet. I believe that this minute when I am sad and crying for a person that person is thinking of me too. I believe in true love and I know it will find me someday and not just me but everyone else who is longing for love to happen in their life. We all long for love to happen in our lives there is no doubt about it. I believe in miracles and I believe in lot such fantasies (like how others call it) beautiful things (like I call it) Also, I think everyone has believed in miracles at some point of time in their lives. Maybe before a heart break, maybe before something really bad happened in that person’s life that they had to lose someone who meant the most to them. At some point of time in their life, they all have believed that beautiful things will happen to them. They stopped believing that it will happen again because according to them the beautiful thing ended when the other person on whom they relied their love and happiness chose to leave them.
But couldn’t there be another way? This person left you to pave way for another person who actually is ready to live with all your imperfections and yet love you for the way you are. But because you stopped believing in miracles and beautiful things, because you stopped believing that there is no true love in this world doesn’t mean that these beautiful things seize to happen. All of us (including me) do this mistake of closing all doors for a person to enter our lives because someone hurt us at some point of time in life. Once a very best friend of mine after his break up told me, “I don’t want to trust anyone, anymore” It definitely hurt to hear that from him but I wanted to know the reason. I asked him why? To which he said, “I gave all the love and care to this person and still she left me. So what is the use of all this?” I read an article in one of the websites that gave tips to people to identify their Mr. Right. The article was very cute. They had mentioned you can say he/she is the right person based on how much a person cares about you, how much he/she even understands your silence, etc.. The comments on that article shocked me to great extents. People had commented that such a person can never exist, but trust me I am not exaggerating here but I have couple of best friends like that. They can sense that something is wrong with me by just hearing my voice. With so much pessimism filled up in your head and heart you will get nowhere in life.
Blame yourself for trusting someone with your happiness because happiness really lies within you and you were such a fool to let someone decide that for you. Blame yourself for trusting someone blindly when everything in this world is so deceiving these days. Blame yourself for expecting back what you give others. You are being selfish that way and in that case it is not love but need. You love a person and do everything for them because you need that person in your life. You need that person so you can be happy. Unknowingly, you pull the person so much into your life that they become the center of your life and then when the person leaves you. You go around blaming life and love or fate and say stupid things like, “There is no true love in this world” There is is you are so laid back and pessimistic to go find it!
True love is when you love the person unconditionally without expecting anything in return. Miracles happen when you least expect it and only if you believe it will happen. And remember, just because those people in the past made you cry and let you suffer alone not everyone is going to do the same. Take baby steps and learn to trust again. Life is going to be beautiful. Afterall, what’s life without little hurt because you loved? End of the day, the things you did and failed matters more than the things that you always wanted to try and never did because you were afraid to do so

Believe! Beautiful things are waiting to happen in your life J

6 thoughts on “Beautiful Things.

  1. Bookmarked this one. Very comforting positive words. Getting hurt by the most beloved one gives a lot of pain and stress as you said. The questions of Why? probably may never find the answers. But to think positive and go ahead trusting people again needs tons and tons of efforts facing a literal war inside the soul. You rightly conveyed, things may be tough but not impossible. Miracles do happen. Thanks a lot for writing this.


  2. Thank you Mr/Miss/Mrs. Enonymous you really need to stop posting comments anonymously because I am a very curious person and my head kind of feels like blasting into pieces everytime I see your comments.


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