Nothing but pain!

My heart stopped as you walked away
While life seemed meaningless and empty
The world came to a standstill
And the clock stopped ticking
Stuck in time, I cried in pain
Only for me to realize that it will go away
You were the center of my world
You were the tune of my song
Like a beautiful evening breeze
How much I hoped you would come along!
Like the serene sea on a rainy day
My mind sings a beautiful song everyday
A song that once reminded me of you
A song that you would whisper in my ears
Now it is just a song that would make me smile
Not because it reminds me of you
But for the beautiful lines and tune
Days passed and turned to months
Months passed and became years
I tread the lane that we walked together
Hand in hand, leaning on your shoulders
I couldn’t help but smile,
For the walk was worth the mile
I realized I don’t think of you anymore!
Your thoughts don’t give me nightmares anymore
For I dared to see beyond you and your memories
Now you are just a chapter from the past
Not because you left me halfway
But for the way you left me in pain
You did not deserve the love you had
So you never realized the worth it had
Letting you into my life was the mistake I made
Happy to have made the mistake
I picked the lesson and walk ahead
What goes in comes around
Now you stand infront of me seeking my love
Ignoring your plead and attempts to impress
I walk away from you not because I am afraid
But all I have to give you is nothing but pain!
For I don’t love you anymore
And you don’t deserve it anymore!

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