I have an attitude problem!

Here I come again with another rant. I am ranting a lot these days, I know! But then ranting and I go hand in hand. Anyway, it is one of my specialties. I come as a package. So yea, the other day I heard from a person who knows me at work that I have a lot of attitude. That came as a surprise because I am the type of person who likes to stay away from drama simply because I don’t have time for that. So, out of curiosity I asked this person, “How do you say that I have attitude problem?” She said ask everyone in office you will know. Why would I do that? I ignored. After 2 days, this person came to me again and asked did you find why? I told her that I have better things to do. “See, this is exactly what I meant when I said you have attitude problem” I honestly had better things to do and I always have better things to do than to try and understand why people I don’t talk to or a complete stranger to me think I have an issue with my attitude. This person realized that I am not going to find it myself and told me that people in general think I have an attitude problem because I don’t talk to anyone. Well, now that is something. My office has close 700 employees imagine talking to everyone and getting to know about every single person. Won’t a smile or hi do? No was the answer.
But then I have had enough, I spoke to few people only to get shocking questions like “ohh, that’s nice. So do you stay with this guy everytime you go to Bangalore?” or “Have you had sex before?” or “Do you have a boyfriend?” Well what concerns you? I am talking to you as a colleague and I am least bothered about your personal life. I might seem to talk a lot but only to people I know well. There are people who know every shit I do everyday and there are people to whom I am a total stranger but I have the right to choose the people I would let into my life. I don’t know if I get stuck with weirdos or I have this great power of attracting idiots. Once a person asked me, “You are 27!! Why aren’t you married yet?” I answered her that I am a lesbian and that I am not able to find a girl, plus it is illegal in India so I might have to settle in a different country for which I don’t have funds right now. She laughed. I thought, “What if I am serious?” I smiled. But I have a question why does everything come down to marriage? What if I am really very self-obsessed that I am happy with myself? Why should a girl get married at 23 or 24 and a guy can live a happy life until 31 or 32? I think we are in a century where girls can live life the way they want to and age doesn’t really matter. Coming to speak of marriage, it is an individual’s choice. I can understand old aunties throwing this question on my face everytime I go to some wedding reception or party(which I have stopped these days) but even the girls who are of my age are more worried than I am because I might not get the “prospective” match.

Coming back to attitude, please don’t judge a person. You have no rights to judge a person. I don’t judge you so you don’t judge me. Simple! Many people after talking to me find me otherwise so understand that everyone have their own way of dealing with others and making friends. Few like me might be very choosy or will take time. Marriage is an individual’s personal choice and there is no reason to pry in a person’s life.  Eventually, everyone will get married and few might choose to be happy with the self-obsessed self! It is their choice, really. So please mind your own business.

4 thoughts on “I have an attitude problem!

  1. I have read somewhere 'people ask your problem to make them self happy that they do have it'
    and if everybody around us has attitude problem and the one with good attitude will be 'odd-man-out' 🙂
    btw, well said.


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