Everyday I always wake up thinking that it is going to be just another day. Another day at work, another day chatting with my friends, coffee break with colleagues, breakfast, lunch, dinner and there back home and off to sleep. Just the boring routine that I don’t bother to break or even God thinks I am very comfortable with this routine that he is not bothered to bring about a change. So yea, like every lazy morning I woke up and scrolled up and down the facebook wall for no reason seeing people get engaged, married, getting into a relationship while I am still single and bored to death! Wasting almost 10 – 15 minutes seeing all the very important updates that matter the most to me I woke up lazily, changed to my tracks and hit the road with my cycle.
As I rode a very deserted street I see an old man sitting by the side of the road. I stopped before he signalled to stop. He told me that he tripped over a stone and fell. He needed help to get up. I offered him my hand to catch hold of and get on his feet that’s when I saw that his legs are polio attacked, both of them. These are the times that make me question the existence of God. He was quite old. I felt sorry for him and I also realized that I cannot do this on my own. I saw a bunch of “men” standing in the apartment opposite to where this old man had fallen down. They probably thought that he got on his knees to propose me and was enjoying what was happening. I called them for help. One of them lazily got up and started climbing down the stairs. He didn’t come for another 5 mins. The apartment was not really very far from where this old man had fallen down. There were few people who came by the road they helped him get up. Our hero came after almost 10 mins offering help. This old man was asking for help from someone to drop him home. Both of them who helped him were going via his house but were not ready to drop him. Even otherwise, I would have dropped him if I had a bike with me. So, the old man asked me to leave and I did. But while jogging in the park I couldn’t stop thinking of him. I felt pained, I was angry. Humanity is dead. We waste so much time on social networking stalking the people we had fought with and removed from friend’s list on fb, watching IPL although we know everything is fixed. But cannot help a person who is in need of help given his condition it is not like he is going to loot you in broad daylight.
And then in the park I jog, there was this old man who looked very hale and healthy lying on a bench. He was talking to himself and drinking a bottle of pepsi. A good looking guy (yes, I cannot stop saying that even in a serious blog like this!) of my age came and pulled him off the bench and dragged him home. I guessed that it should be his son and needless to say the old man was drinking away to glory. The old man was royally taken home in a Honda city.
They say God work in the most mysterious ways. People go on and on about karma, fate and destiny. But sometimes I think God is just cruel. He gives the undeserving something precious and denies even the basic needs to the deserving. I don’t believe in Karma but I do believe in humanity which I think is dying a slow death!

9 thoughts on “Humanity?

  1. Humanity did not die, it lived in your form who could not but wanted to help the man. It lived in various other forms, like the son in the park who helped his father, like someone whom I wish would have finally dropped the old man to his home. Humanity can never die.


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