Late Twenties!

This year my birthday went well. The birthday weekend started with a fever and spoilt all my plans. I slept all weekend and Monday, that is on my birthday when I finally recovered my face looked bigger than the size of a football (A crazy close friend, a football freak asked if he can kick my face if it looks like a football. My dear crazy friend, If you are reading this just maintain a safe distance from me when we meet the next time) So then I went to office and did not work really instead I was attending phone calls from my friends. Finally, when I was alone and off all the phone calls it dawned upon me that I am in my late twenties now and thought of writing about few things that could happen to you when you are in your late twenties. Then the things that made me smile when I walked down the memory lane when I was alone and gazing at the stars.

1)        First of all, when you are in your late twenties and not married. You have a fatal disease. You start gaining a lot of sympathy from the elders in the family like you have cancer or brain tumour. Sometimes you wish you had a fatal disease so it could serve as an excuse to tell people why you are not married yet. The uncles whom you barely know will start giving you lectures on complications on child birth due to late marriage. (Trust me! It is downright disgusting and annoying!)               
2)        All your friends are married and have a kid, so the first thing they ask you when they meet you, “When is you marriage?” I have stopped talking to many people for this reason. Honestly, it is a stupid question because if I knew you will know too because I will invite you or at the least post on facebook. I am not going to elope with someone that you will never know!
3)        Then you have those “Hamaare Zamaane mein” moments with the teens and only for you to realize your age. You will know you are full 10 years elder to them.
4)        You realize school and college days happened decades ago and feel old. Then to add on to it people start calling you old! Really? Old? And I am like so, 40 is dying? And there is a youth icon, who is forty years old.
5)        Everytime you see the stupid advertisement by Horlicks and they say that the bone density of a woman reduces from the age of 30. You freak out because you are only 3 years away from being 30!
6)        Then this is the saddest part of all, every good looking guy is younger than you or if they are of your age they are either married or already engaged to someone else.
7)        You cannot have friends in guys. If you do, he is your boyfriend and you have been putting off your wedding only because of him.
8)        But then your parents would have now come to a stage that they just want to see you married so they are ok with even an Afghani. Grab the chance!
9)        The “been there done that” moments – you are wiser and when people younger to you who are close to your heart cry for that someone who left them. You know they are going to get over it so all you do is to hug them for a while and say everything is going to be OK! I believe that’s what people want anyway.
10)     The plus sides include you get to make your own decisions and get your parents respect it  You become a crucial part of the family decisions too.

When I was young I have always been eager to grow up and now that I have grown up (old like others say) and gone through all the pain that I have, gathered the memories that make me smile, made the friends that love me and a few who hate me. Life has not been that bad really. I have always believed that a beautiful life is not having the most perfect things but it’s about how we live with the imperfections and accept the negativities of it. It is not about how much we have earned and saved or if we have a settled career but if we have enjoyed what we have done. Its about picking the lesson and moving on. Its about loving more and not giving up on love because people were bad. J A life well lived is a life lived without regrets!

10 thoughts on “Late Twenties!

  1. Just loved this post. I could so very relate to every point of yours.. Late 20's isn't a fair age 😦 Wish I was 16 again *sigh*

    Belated happy birthday BTW.


  2. //A life well lived is a life lived without regrets!//
    Let your parents have a life without regrets……by getting married now! haa…….ha……ha….(just kidding!!) :))
    Really enjoyed your writings!


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