A random preachy post!

So, my birthday is up next month (for those who have forgotten about it, let this serve as a reminder. Time to buy me gifts, you see.) and I thought I would share some of the life lessons I learnt with you all. The last time I went all preachy was when I left my first company. It was a very emotional moment for me not because I was leaving the company but because it meant leaving my friends behind. It did not feel good at all but then it went off, the lump in my throat. The feeling of missing them every single day when the break time was up vanished. In few months, they learnt to live without my physical presence and so did I.
Lately, I have started thinking that I don’t write too much. I feel really very distant from writing. The moment I open word and start typing I go blank. I must tell you that it is very frustrating. I feel like I am suffering from an illness that has no cure to it. This not writer’s block because it doesn’t seem to go away. This is something more than that. It is an evil that is taking away my passion from me due to heartbreaks and work. Someone once told me, if you start running behind money, growth and power the creative side of you sleeps forever. I am afraid that is starting to happen with me.
I tried hard to be a professional. I wore that mask and ran behind people to impress them whom otherwise I wouldn’t bother talking to. Trust me! it didn’t help. I just cannot fake! It kills my soul and passion. Day after day I am losing myself. Now, I have finally reached a point where I don’t recognize myself. So there I give up. I am throwing that mask away and I plan to be raw and arrogant like how others explain me to be. To me, I plan to be me. Sometimes, we have to stop running behind our career only to see what we are destroying in that process because end of the day it is just another job that can be filled by another person when you leave. But if you feel distant from your passion nobody can take you back to it. So yes, be yourself no matter what your manager, TL or anyone thinks you should have been or should be because that’s what they want you to be but end of the day what matters the most is what you want to be!
Love trumps pain, pain trumps love, love trumps pain again. I have broken my heart a zillion times by now. I end up going back to the same person and they will break it again I always find someone to mend me. I know they might hurt me too someday and I am sure there is going to be someone to mend that too. So, what I am trying to say is not to wait for someone to mend your heart everytime it gets broken but don’t lose trust in love. Love always finds its way and when someone hurts you it will eventually go away.
No one is ever, ever busy to talk to you for even half an hour a day. If they want to they will make time. Stop running behind people who don’t want to give that time to you. There is a permanent friend you never see, there is someone who will always listen to your rants patiently and you never notice her – your mom. Do you need a better friend than her? Take time to understand her. Take time to listen to her. Keep your phones aside for just a while!
Live life for yourself. There are people who will tell you 100 things, they always give you plenty of advices. Few go a step ahead and try to live your life the way they want to. Say a big no, to them! Take time for yourself and try to understand what you want. Get rid of that suffocating relationship and live an independent life. Smile every minute. Don’t take your job very seriously but do take your passion seriously and work on it. Life always gives you an opportunity, we call it tomorrow. Start afresh and start now! Keep smiling and stay positive!

10 thoughts on “A random preachy post!

  1. Hello Gayathri,

    It was a surprise to see you in your new avatar when I got back from my long sabbatical! Cheers to that! I hope to make good of the time I lost on the blogosphere and read all your past posts.

    Oh and yes, my birthday wishes in advance. Cheers to another year of mistakes, experiences, and fun!



  2. Wow Manish! That really means a lot to me!! I hope you liked my posts. Thank you so much. Do you know you are the first person to wish me for my birthday? 🙂 Cheers to you too! Have a good one. Do come back.


  3. Well said, Gayathri! 🙂 From my experience working in a company that pushes you to work harder and harder, I have learnt this, ' If you make your job your life, you forget to live life. At the end of the day, you are not going to remember those performance bonuses or targets met, but the time lost that you could have spend with people you love, doing things you love.'

    Advance Birthday wishes! 🙂


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