Oh yes! I am in love with you!

You make me so happy with your love
I want to jump so high and grab the sky
Your silly jokes and funny faces
Makes me laugh and fall off the chair
Those cute and feeble attempts
To make me smile and wipe off those tears
I cannot get enough of you with every passing day
If love is in the air,
I have inhaled a little too much!
You make me so exhilarated
Even the songs I hate, sounds soothing
You take away my pain and unburden me
I cannot tell how much I miss you everyday
You make me smile with tears of joy
Oh boy! You have magic in your smile
If love is a drug, I am overdosed with it!
While I still wonder about the sorcery behind this love
You have sedated me with your love and care
Pushing the logics aside, I say I can do anything to have you
By my side, holding your hands, walking that distance together
I want to see my future in those beautiful eyes forever
Everytime you ask, “Will you be mine?”
Fear grips my heart; I don’t want to be hurt
And finally hear it say, “Yet again!”
But boy, I know you are too sweet to hurt me
And then the heart ruled over my brain
And jumped squealing in joy,
“Oh yes! I am in love with you”

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