A published Writer ! :)

I started writing out of boredom. I am not going to say that story again and bore you all to death. In any case, writing has become a very big passion for me now. Everyday as I wake up it sits infront of me staring at me asking, “What are you going write today?” or say, “Let’s write something today” or “you haven’t written in ages! God Gayu! Seriously!” or “You are not going to be a writer ever, if you are not serious” Being serious has never happened to me. I do get serious for the most useless things in the world like if I fight with a friend for a petty reason I won’t talk to him/her for days until I regret not picking up the call when they called me when I was angry. Really stupid things like that.
So yea, few days back a close friend of mine called, no pinged and asked if I will be able to write a book review for a magazine. I agreed, “Yea sure!” he told that he wanted it in 2 days. I was like OK I can give you. After all the excitement subsided I was like, “Wait! What?” and then I started bugging him with a number of questions. The thing is I had not written a book review except for a full-on trashing session after I read “never let me go” by Sachin Garg I was outraged and wrote a blog. Its not exactly a book review I ranted over wasting my time on that book which I could have wasted on something else. Then Rs. 107! I could have bought 3 scoops of ice cream from Baskin Robbins! L Anyway, I asked if I can send that he rejected right on. He wanted something pleasant for the first issue. Then I chose the book that changed my life forever and it helped me find a new perspective about it.
So I wrote a review on Eat, Pray, Love for a magazine  – “Coimbatore Hangouts”. The website link is this –
The printed version of the book will be released next week J

Happiness is boundless
Wishes are endless
Contentment at its peak
As I reach my first milestone
Dear God, Please help me
Stay by my side and guide me
My dream just got wings and took off
I have to go miles ahead
And I need you by my side
Give me the strength to walk ahead
Give me your blessings to do more!

Thank you all for continuously believing in me when I have not once!  So, now I know what happens when I get serious my work gets published! J
With bigger dreams now and hopes to get published more,

Gayathri! J

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