I am Happy Without You

That moment I looked into your eyes
I saw my world in them
The beginning and end of my life
I surrendered myself to you
Everything I thought about was you
All day and night, every minute and second
Every song I listened to,
Every moment I spent alone and in company
Your thoughts filled my head and heart
Your words kept echoing in my ears
The moment you blush when I say I love you
I treasured every second I spent with you
Those dreams we dreamt together
The stars we saw together when we stayed away
The clouds we gave shapes and named
The beautiful kisses we shared on a rainy day
In a lonely street where it was just us and our love
The flaring passion we had for each other
It seemed like a world outside the world
A universe that existed only for us
We lived our lives for each other
Today I saw you for a minute
That minute when we crossed each other
My heart skipped a beat and fumbled 
You stopped walking, hoping I would talk
Our eyes met for seconds but I kept walking
I didn’t want to go back from where I came
I took the painful path, a path I want to burn
I am not going back for it is not wise
And it is not worth the pain you put me through
I live a happy life now,
A life that is only about me and my decisions
A world that consists of only me and the things I love
The songs that doesn’t remind me of you but music
The stars that reminds me of my loved ones
A lonely walk in the rain felt like bliss
I didn’t cry anymore and I’d like it that way
You are not a part of me anymore
For you are not worth a place in my heart
It did not matter that you are not with me
What mattered was the pain in your eyes
For it shows you still love me
Of course, the love hasn’t died and yes it hurts
But what matters the most now is
I am happy without you

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