Life and Learning

When you stop crying and start smiling
Has the love vanished into thin air?
When you stop thinking and start living
Have you moved on?
When you stop trying and start accepting
Have you learnt to accept?
When you stop wondering why
And start believing in future
Have you become wiser?
When the memories fade
And life seems more real
Have you learnt to live?
When life is happening
And you don’t live in the past
Have you become rational?
When the dreams seem more beautiful
And you know it is delusionary
Have you understood life?
I seek for answers
The more I ask
The more the questions
Tired of the randomness
Here I am learning to live
Here I am learning to laugh
Learning to see good in bad
Happiness in what I have
This is the how I live my life
Happy with a smile
With everything I have!

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