A two-faced dream!

A job of dreams
That gets you into gutter
So posh and luxurious it looks
Until reality hits harder
Very rich and stylish
But truth is always bitter
Hypocrites and haters
Gossips about you all day
Backstabbers and deceivers
Wait for your failure
Appraisals are a deception
Where they tell you who you are
While your middle finger stay raised
Below the table urging to be shown high up
Hike is only a fancy word
Money is nowhere to be found
Friends become strangers
And we keep meeting strangers
Hoping someday they become friends
Loneliness bestows as love breaks off
We live in our world of computers
We forget to actually live, we forget to love
We forget food, we forget to move
Complicated are our lives
As we have more than one relationship status
We lose ourselves in this deceit
Office parties and retreats
To rejuvenate us they say
It is a cheap trick to make us stay
Yet we go there to enjoy the free drink
Because we are the slaves of money and luxury
We pretend to be happy
Hiding our tears and fear
Experts we are at being two-faced
For that is how you survive in here!
We know to laugh when we should cry
We know to smile when we want to hit
We are the most insane people in the world
Yet you call us lucky and rich
It comes with a cost don’t you forget
This is IT for us, this is our life
Deep down we envy your life,
 I want you to know
For you don’t have what we have
But you do have everything that we don’t!
My dear friends, don’t you forget to be yourself
Follow your heart, follow your passion
I know this is not what you want to be
So strive to be what you want to be
Make yourself happy, put everything behind
Stop running behind money and your boss
They are never going to understand
And remember you are always replaceable
That just shows how much you are worth
So follow your heart, follow your passion
Make life meaningful for yourself

For you’ve got only life don’t waste it on this nightmare! 

5 thoughts on “A two-faced dream!

  1. I can see your heart reflected in this Gayathri, no wonder the words are so passionate.
    I hope the hard time passes for you. And you ARE keeping your dream alive isnt it? here on your blog, in your words your dream is very much alive. I can see it 🙂
    I hope the blues pass soon.
    Much love 🙂


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