Change starts from you!

I have been angry, irritated and frustrated with the state of women in our nation and so I am going to pointlessly rant on this blog of mine. So if you plan to continue reading this, bear with me.
 Last weekend, I had been to Delhi and had to stay alone in a room. I just couldn’t sleep, I felt very insecure although I took a room in the 2nd floor just so I can feel secure still, I couldn’t sleep. I was loitering around the room like a ghost inside the room. There was a balcony with a beautiful view still I was so scared to go and stand out. Finally, I called my friend across the globe and asked him to talk to me until I fell asleep. Thanks to his boring rants I finally fell asleep. Well, if you are thinking that I am blaming the city, I am not. But that’s how much insecure I felt in my own country. I come back home and I hear this horrifying news where 14 – 15 year old girls were dragged out of their hostels and raped for almost 2 hours. These men have used a torch to identify the girls who looked mature than their age. What an act of brutality!
A 5 year old girl gets raped and what happened to the case? What happened to the famous nirbhaya’s case? The guy who ran an iron rod into her will be set free in few years because the judge has decided that a 16 year old is still a juvenile even if he has the capability to rape a woman twice and run an iron rod into her then he justifies why he did that he is a juvenile because he is 16 years old. A woman was raped when she was 4 years old, she was cross examined then and after 9 years she gets justice now. Then NDTV starts a forum No country for girls? Yes, you are asking us so you can get your TRP points higher. Actually, you give a damn. We will have a couple of feminists, social activists and few politicians all screaming their useless views from all directions. We start tweeting because we are jobless and our bloods are boiling for just that moment because NDTV is making money so let’s contribute! Media is useless. They see money in every damn thing from rape to acid attacks. They have a selfish purpose behind it. But isn’t this our country and aren’t we supposed to feel secure and liberated? I will blame ourselves for this state of our country. When Nirbhaya was raped there were so many protests asking for immediate justice but what happened later? Do we even remember her now? Media slept off and so did people. We are not bothered about it now. We had a good topic to blog about saying women are not this, women are not that we are human beings too, treat us well. A very good topic to discuss during our tea breaks. Then again there is a murder or another politician gives a stupid speech we start talking about it rape victims go to the dumps again. Who cares about justice we just need a hot topic to talk about.
I am wondering, what goes into the head of these men? Are they horny all the time? They just need a woman or do they do it for the kick of doing it? I don’t understand, what do they get from a 5 year old? It is not just about rapes it’s about how few men in India see women.  The low thought they have about women that they are meant to do households and wash their clothes. I once heard someone say that his wife is pregnant and is puking all over the place. It is being a headache. I was so urged to ask, why weren’t you thinking about this when you slept with her? How can a woman being pregnant become a headache? She is going to bring another life into the world isn’t she supposed to be cared and treated like a princess!  When I think of it, it is because of the women in these men’s life they pamper them and say the things men should do which is basically nothing but boss around and behave like lords. They show these men that women are the ones who are supposed to be doing all the work, they don’t teach them any discipline or manners. Then they become these over dominating, worthless pigs who think a pregnant wife a headache.
So it starts from your house, teach your kids to treat girls equally make them do the households and let them know that they are no different or they are no special creatures! Tell them that women are special and they should be treated with respect. They should be treated well. Teach them to nurture women and not just that tell them that if you fight for something keep fighting till you get what you want. Quitting or having the attitude of what we have now is not going to help them anywhere. Let’s bring about the change and let’s start it today.
Trust me, feeling insecure in your own nation is like feeling insecure when you are sleeping in your mother’s lap. How pathetic is that? You got it!

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