Mobiles phones and moments of silence.

Last week, a colleague of mine died during a trek in Maine. You can see the news about that here. We were having a moment of silence as a tribute to his soul. What irked me was even during this time people cannot leave their mobile phones behind. The event was only for 5 minutes and you are paying tribute to a soul that is dead and you should be praying that he rest in peace or the least you could do is remain silent. I heard mobile phones ringing or vibrating. How disgusting could these people be? And then there were few who just got up and royally walked off the conference room for reasons I don’t know and I don’t care. Hello? Why do you think the event was arranged? That is pure disrespect to the person who died! You don’t walk away when you are mourning the death of a person! That is downright rude! If this is where our society is heading towards I feel ashamed of us. Where did our manners go for God’s sake!

This is not the only incident. When my grandma was dead there were people busy talking over the phone about useless things! I felt like snatching it from their hands and throwing it on their face! Mobile phones have started invading your life, in everything you do. You don’t want to look at the person who is talking to you right there standing in front of you flesh and bone instead you want to very busily text your people. I have seen people who just keep swiping their phone from left to right and vice verse when they are talking to someone. What the hell is wrong with you! This simply shows how much addicted you are to your android, friend!
I don’t talk to such people they simply don’t deserve my time. I have picked a fight with so many friends and cousins of mine because they don’t look at me when I am talking to them. That means I am not respected. I keep asking, “Are you listening to me?” I talk a lot and there are chances that the person might lose track of what I was blathering about. Apparently, that person is not looking at me and acknowledging my long monologue with them so I don’t know. I tell them you want to look at the phone and talk to me well then you can talk to the phone and not me. End of conversation.
I think all of us should take a pause here stop by and understand the values that we are going to pass the future generation. We should learn to respect the person who is right there infront of us, we should learn to respect death! Leave your cellphones behind for a while it is not going to miss you! The world will not stop revolving it is not the remote control of your life! Understand that! There are people who miss you, there are people you will miss when they are gone. Learn to value their presence, learn to be independent of that stupid gadget that has invaded your privacy! Yes, I call the times I am without my phone with me as privacy time because I am “actually” not talking to anybody and spending time with myself or the people who deserve time to be spent with.

2 thoughts on “Mobiles phones and moments of silence.

  1. I understand your pain and experience. Some thing similar experience with me, in different occasions. It is irritating some time. With smartphones, these problems become more severe.


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