A beautiful Friendship

Missing you is not a pain anymore
But the place remains vacant
Memories don’t haunt me anymore
They make me smile
yet my eyes fill with tears
you punched a hole in my heart
As you left, you created a vacuum
And I don’t want to fill it
For I know you will come back
We will have more happy moments together
We will create more memories together
This is not the end of our craziness
This is not the end of our friendship

A path that we created together
It was leading to a beautiful friendship
A friendship that I broke over time
A promise that I missed to keep up
Hope is what that keeps me going
For we did not meet to part
Our friendship was made to last
Had I got one more chance to put this right
I will give up everything I have so far
But I know there is no magical solution to this

To the drift I caused, the bridge that I broke
Yet I have faith that you will come back
For who knows you better than me
and who cares for me better than you
Maybe I am alone now looking back at those beautiful days
But I know we are going to create more such days
In the future that is to come
For I know this friendship was not meant to end
Our love has never been conditional
Missing you has become a part of my life
That I think of you everyday and I hope
May God be with you in everything you do
May happiness bestow you every single day
May you live in peace until we meet again
For it will be gone the moment we are back again
And there is no way you can escape this pain!

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